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2015 Dietary Guidelines… More Plants and Less Meat/Dairy Please?

Nutrition fanatics listen up.  Last week the public oral testimonies were held for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.  To some (most?) this may sound ho-hum but it is fascinating to those of us passionate about health!  I recently found out that … Continue reading

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Lentil Chili: Whole Foods Market Style

I just came across this recipe today for Lentil Chili from Whole Foods Market’s new Healthy Eating Handbook.  I knew it would be perfect to make for dinner tonight!  This handbook has some excellent ideas including: time-saving tips,  how-to cook … Continue reading

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Cranberry-Walnut-Date Arugula Salad Drizzled with Chocolate Vinegar

Sounds weird but tastes incredible and is full of disease-fighting phytochemicals, fiber and essential fatty acids. Sometimes these strange food ideas just pop into my head.  I’m always thinking ahead about what my next meal or two will be. This … Continue reading

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A Few of the Many Uses of Almond Butter

I’ve been going somewhat crazy with the almond butter lately!  Peanut butter will probably always be one of my staple foods, but sometimes I like to switch up the usual with something slightly different. Just as peanuts can be ground … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls with Buckwheat Crispies

If only I had a fraction of the creativity out there on all those food blogs.  It can’t be easy constantly devising original recipes, having the patience for perfect photography and putting it all together in a charmingly written post.  … Continue reading

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Maca-Macadamia-Fudge Bliss Balls

I have been on a macadamia nut kick this week.   This happens every so often and it doesn’t last long, only until the bag is empty.    I discovered these big 11oz bags at BJs, but don’t let the size … Continue reading

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Brown Rice Spring Rolls (Hallelujah!)

While out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Wakefield the other night, after deciding what we wanted for our entrees, the question that always comes up came up.  “Should we get the spring rolls?”  You know what I am … Continue reading

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No Sugar Added Cranberry Sauce (2 Ways)

  Whole berry…         …or jellied           These easy recipes use medjool dates instead of refined sugar… a much healthier and wholesome choice!  Cranberries on their own are very tart (try one raw!), … Continue reading

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Diabetes and a Plant-Based Diet

If you are diabetic and think that eating a diet centered around meat and other “low-carb” animal products is the best thing for your health, you may want to reconsider your beliefs.  So many diabetics I meet have been misinformed … Continue reading

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Our Recent Fall Harvest

Sweet potatoes and Sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes)! Has anyone grown their own sweet potatoes or sunchokes?  If you are looking for a couple of easy foods to grow, I recommend trying these.  This was our first year with the sunchokes … Continue reading

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