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Bone Broth

I hope you saved the carcass from your Thanksgiving turkey…   Bones, water and a little apple cider vinegar.. simmer for approximately 24 hours and then strain the broth.       Are you drinking bone broth?  I wasn’t until … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Savor it, Don’t Stress it

I’m hearing from just about everybody how anxious they are feeling about Thanksgiving.  If you’re anticipating the holiday with stress and fretting that you’re going to “cheat” or “ruin your diet,” I want you to shift to a more positive … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Counter?

I just saw this interesting article yesterday and had to share! The 20lb Cereal Box: Kitchen Counter Foods that Relate to Your Weight Keep boxed cereal or bottled soda on your counter?  How about cookies?  According to this study, you … Continue reading

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Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (Dairy-Free)

Are you tired of pumpkin yet?  I’m slowing down with it but still having some type of squash several times a week since it’s so abundant at the farms! While pumpkin and other squash are definitely things to be eating … Continue reading

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Why Your Chicken Tastes Boring

              I don’t usually watch Dr. Oz but someone sent me this link to a recent episode that discussed a topic I am a big believer in– buying meats (chickens in this case) from … Continue reading

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Goodbye Coca-Cola

    Yeah, things like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.     I just heard the news today that Coke was no longer going to be a sponsor for the AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).  You may be surprised … Continue reading

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Autumn= Pumpkins and Baking!

              The perfect weather is here; windows are open bringing in a refreshing breeze.  I’m lighting candles in the evening when the sun sets early, making hot tea, digging out my leggings and hoodies…and … Continue reading

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One-Pot Grilled Vegetables and Salmon Deck Dinner

Ideas, ideas, ideas.  You are always asking for new meal ideas! It’s the weekend and it looks like we are being blessed with some more gorgeous weather.  I recommend getting to a farmers market and cooking outside like I did … Continue reading

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Stuck? Motivation vs. Conscious Decision

  (From Office Space, one of the funniest movies ever)  🙂         I find the topic of motivation fascinating.  Motivation, or lack thereof, comes up a lot in nutrition counseling sessions.  “I know what I need to … Continue reading

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Date-Sweetened Fridge Fudge

  Does topping fudge with hemp seeds make it healthy?  I think so! I wanted to create a rich, chewy fudge with no refined sweeteners.  This recipe uses soft, naturally sweet medjool dates.  Blended up with a few other ingredients, … Continue reading

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