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One-Pot Grilled Vegetables and Salmon Deck Dinner

Ideas, ideas, ideas.  You are always asking for new meal ideas! It’s the weekend and it looks like we are being blessed with some more gorgeous weather.  I recommend getting to a farmers market and cooking outside like I did … Continue reading

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Stuck? Motivation vs. Conscious Decision

  (From Office Space, one of the funniest movies ever)          I find the topic of motivation fascinating.  Motivation, or lack thereof, comes up a lot in nutrition counseling sessions.  “I know what I need to do … Continue reading

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Date-Sweetened Fridge Fudge

  Does topping fudge with hemp seeds make it healthy?  I think so! I wanted to create a rich, chewy fudge with no refined sweeteners.  This recipe uses soft, naturally sweet medjool dates.  Blended up with a few other ingredients, … Continue reading

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Calorie Counting? Skip it and Trust Your Body

            Counting calories was something I used to frequently recommend to clients for weight loss, but I have found myself doing this less and less often.  In theory, the concept appears to make perfect sense:  … Continue reading

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A COOL Use for All That Zucchini

  Does overabundance anxiety disorder exist?  I have this thing about not wasting good food.  And while I am always extremely grateful when I have a full fridge, I also experience a sense of unease when I’ve got too much … Continue reading

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Frozen Green Tea Cooler

The hot weather is back this week and we’re all looking for healthy ways to keep cool.  Water is great but sometimes you want something different. During the last hot spell I got on a bit of a frozen drink … Continue reading

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Quick Summer Salad Idea: Greens, Seafood and Avocado

Garden greens, sardines, guacamole and sriracha sauce– delicious! With this hot summer weather I suspect you are craving more cold meals and maybe (hopefully!) more salads as well!  Yes, salads sure CAN be the meal.  And a very satisfying meal … Continue reading

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Adventures in Chicken Livers and Squid

Do you eat the same foods over and over, day in and day out?  Try something new! Incorporating new foods into your diet once in a while can be a good habit for your health.  If each food has it’s … Continue reading

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Rhode Island’s June and July Produce

Fresh from my garden! We got some, the squirrel got some.       As summer merrily rolls along, the excuses to not eat more fresh fruits and vegetables quickly lose their validity.  No more complaining of the produce tasting … Continue reading

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New Nutrition Office in North Kingstown

            Are you ready to make some changes to become a healthier you? My new office just opened in The Meadows office park in North Kingstown and I couldn’t be more excited!  I am here … Continue reading

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