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Start Your Gardens

          This is going to be the year!  I am determined to grow more of my own vegetables.  Every year we give growing plants a good try and we get a few things.  But to be … Continue reading

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Forest Bathing

Do you spend enough time in nature? I find it ironic that I can go for an hour walk in the woods and not come across a human soul, but I can drive by a Dunkin Donuts and see a … Continue reading

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Making Beef Stew + A Saturated Fat Ramble

      It’s almost my 1 year anniversary as an ex-vegan.  My first bite of meat was homemade beef stew and it was amazing.  I could feel the nourishment immediately and my conclusion still stands that I feel better … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Ranks 14 Brands of Tuna

          Do you ever think about how your tuna was caught when you purchase cans of tuna fish  in the grocery store?  We’ve all heard about the dolphin by-catch issue and now many tuna companies boast … Continue reading

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3 Winter Activities to Move Your Body and Soul

How is this winter going for you?  If you are anything like me, February is the toughest month to get though.  Instead of making a warm weather get away this year we decided to get the bathroom redone.  Looking out … Continue reading

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Listening to Your Body (Intuitive Eating)

Have you ever forced yourself to eat something because it was part of your “meal plan” or because you thought it was healthy or low in calories or fat? What happens?  You don’t feel satisfied and you sense something is … Continue reading

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I LOVE a Healthier Pizza

Aside from the occasional frozen vegan pizza (not recommended) I haven’t had pizza in longer than I can remember.  All that wheat in the crust, even if I found the whole wheat dough or made my own from whole wheat … Continue reading

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Bored with your Food? Try Skate Wings

On long-ago Sunday mornings, the best part of the paper was the grocery coupon insert where anything and everything new to the stores could be found.  These food-like products sounded so good and I would get so excited by a … Continue reading

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Flourless Brownies with Cocoa Icing

  Forget running out for bread and milk.  If you are going to be snowed in for a day or two, make sure you have the essentials like cocoa powder and coconut oil around.  Stay home, keep yourself warm and … Continue reading

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Make Yourself Earn That TV Show

Are you stuck in a middle-of-winter slump?  Enough is enough.  Forget about all your excuses for not exercising.  It is time to get your booty in gear… read on! I have noticed a common theme among my nutrition clients the … Continue reading

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