Be Prepared

Be Prepared.  It is not only the Boy Scout motto but it should also be the motto of every health-conscious traveler.

I just returned from a long weekend in Vermont.  The hotel we stayed at offered a complimentary continental breakfast each morning.  To most people this means great, free breakfast! but to me this indicates a red flag that there will be nothing nutritious to eat and therefore I will have to bring my own food.  As I always do when I travel, I stocked my snack bag with all kinds of bars from Larabars to Probars to Greens Plus Bars.  I also packed a few of my no-bake homemade granola bars (recipe soon to come) along with a few apples and oranges.  A wholesome bar and some fruit was my breakfast each day.

If I had not been prepared like this I may have been stuck eating belgin waffles with artificial maple-flavored corn syrup, sugar-laden yogurt, highly processed refined grain cereal, and some sort of rehydrated egg-like substance.  My heart skipped a beat with excitement when I noticed the little tubs of peanut butter but then quickly sank as I read that they contained hydrogenated oils.
Is this really what people eat??

NO, I will not compromise my health.

Looking around at everybody else eating, so oblivious to what they were putting in their mouths and feeding their kids, reminded me that the typical person does not obsess about food the way I do.  And nobody needs to.  For me, it’s just my thing.  But they could put a bit more thought into what exactly it is they are consuming.  It’s really hard to watch so many people mindlessly make poor food choices when these choices are directly related to the awful health issues bombarding our country, our friends and our families.

Make the effort to eat better.  Stay away from what you know is not good for you.  Carry your own food.  Seek out healthy markets to buy nutrient-rich food.  Be prepared.

Tip:  Always carry some sort of nutritious snack with you when you go out.  For me, it’s usually a peanut butter Larabar and an apple in my bag.  My boyfriend always takes along a MoJo bar when he leaves the house.  A little baggie of your favorite mixed nuts and dried fruits works too.  Or make a protein fruit smoothie and take it to-go in a travel mug.  Having something like this will prevent you from ever having to stop at a fast food restaurant or convenience store desperately seeking nourishment.  If hunger strikes when you are out, you will be prepared.

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