Got Kale?

Look at all that nutrition!
Hopefully yours looks a little less wilted than this.  Mine is from a local farm….from Friday.  Sad; I don’t usually wait four days to eat my kale.  We all go through phases when we don’t feel like eating greens. Do you ever let your veggies sit around while you wonder how you can eat them without torturing yourself?  Sometimes I do.  It needs to be used up today, but what to do with it?

Because I hate to throw away food and I really wasn’t in the mood for kale salad for lunch I decided this was a good opportunity to make a green smoothie. This is about the easiest way to get this much kale into your body in about five minutes.

I put half the bunch of kale into the Vitamix with about one or two frozen bananas.  I freeze them in chunks (like this) so I used about five chunks.Then I added a tablespoon of Vega Shake and Go Smoothie Protein and enough water to cover the ingredients.

Fiona highly recommends the Vanilla Almondilla flavor.

…or maybe she just thinks the bag looks a lot like her bag of cat food.

Ta-Da…and there it is.  A delicious way to get a whole bunch of kale, which is packed with nutrition, into you.  I drank a little of it and decided I wanted it a little colder so I added some frozen pineapple along with some shredded carrots I had in the fridge.  Sometimes I add frozen berries, fresh ginger, maca, or Amazing Grass (a powdered greens supplement.)  If I’m back from a run and totally parched I’ll often use coconut water instead of plain water.  You really can’t go wrong with whatever combination you try.

The smoothie balanced out my lunch of peanut butter and jelly on an Ezekiel english muffin.  It’s like having your salad in a glass.  Try it yourself to accompany a meal that is light on the veggies and fruits to help fill you up while at the same time increasing the nutrient-density of your meal.

Green smoothies make me feel so good!  Do you agree? Have you ever made them?  What do you put in the blender?

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