You Might Need Some Gilad

“Don’t wait for inspiration; take action and inspiration will follow” ~ heard from Gilad 🙂

Uggg.  Waking up to this snow and grayness has made me feel blah and unmotivated all day.  At times like this, I need to accomplish something, anything to feel better.  Wasn’t it almost 60 and sunny yesterday or was that just a dream?

This is where Gilad comes in.  Gilad is a fitness guru with  a television workout program filmed in Hawaii called Total Body Sculpt.  I still remember the first time I came across one of his shows years ago one Saturday morning and began doing some of the exercises.  I thought I was in pretty good shape, but apparently not– they were challenging and I was sore the next day from using muscles I didn’t know I had.

Flash-forward to today and I no longer get that soreness but I do feel like I get a mini-workout when I need one.  His shows are the perfect quick fix when you want to exercise and you don’t have a lot of time (or don’t feel like putting in a lot of time).  Total Body Sculpt is a half-hour show, but DVR it, skip through the commercials and it’s really more like 20 minutes.  You begin with a brief warm-up to get your blood pumping.  Commercial break.  The next segment usually involves lunges, squats and light weights– working various body parts depending on the episode.  Second commercial break.  Finally, there is a bit of ab work and you are done!

Total Body Sculpt with Gilad is on FitTV at 6:30am every morning.  There are a total of 40 episodes and I am pretty certain that I have done all of them at least once over the past few years.  Right now I have about 8 of my favorites saved on my DVR.  I also have his 3-DVD Ultimate Body Sculpt series but I’ve only done them a couple of times.  It’s mostly the same types of moves from his show but longer– I do the show much more often than the DVDs– I think maybe I just like the idea of the quicker workouts on TV.

I have finally accepted the fact that if I ever want my foot to heal I better stop running and even knock off going for long walks.  I went through the denial (just run through the pain; it will go away), the anger (it’s not fair; why did this happen) and now just out of the depression phase and into the acceptance phase I am determined to keep my body strong and active through yoga, biking and Gilad.  With some patience I’m sure I will be back to running just in time for the nice weather.

Have you ever worked out with Gilad?  He’s funny as well as motivating.  You may even crack a smile or two while you’re working out. If you get FitTV I highly recommend you try one of his shows and see what you think.  It’s ideal for those days like today when you know you would feel better if you could just manage to squeeze in a little something.  You will be glad you did.  Have you ever regretted a workout?  I bet not.  Have you ever felt bad at the end of the day knowing you didn’t get any activity in when you could have….?

“Yesterday you said tomorrow.”~ Nike


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