Rock and Roll

I’m officially registered now for the Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathon this August!!  I’m so excited and I am confident that my foot will be healed long before then so I can get into shape for those 13.1 miles.

Last August I ran it.  It was my first half-marathon and a huge accomplishment for me.  My goal was to finish in under two hours and I did it (barely!)  It poured rain the whole time but what an incredible experience.  Here I am at mile 11:








I had so much fun that I did the Surftown Half Marathon the next month:

No rain this time– it was a perfect day.

A major piece of running is mental and my manta is “You are stronger than you think you are.”






Do I want to do a full marathon next?  I don’t think so.  Half marathons are a good distance and enough of a challenge for me.  As the saying goes, “I’m only half crazy.”

I can’t explain exactly why I love to run races.  It’s not like I am fast.  But maybe that’s what keeps me coming back for more.  You aren’t in competition with anybody else, except perhaps yourself if you choose to be.  You can always try to beat your best time; you can set personal goals to strive for.  It makes me feel like I have accomplished something wonderful when I run, even doing those shorter 5Ks.  Plus, there’s something about running with the energy of a large group of people, all with the same goal of finishing a physically challenging feat, that makes it so exciting.

Right now while I can’t run, I am focusing on staying strong through yoga and other non-heel-impact activities.  I even tried a spin class which was surprisingly hard.  Even though I could barely keep up I had much more fun than just riding the boring old stationary bike in the cardio room.  I kept reminding myself that I am working different muscles and this is all going to make me stronger for when I can run again (except now my knee is sore, lol).  When things get difficult and you feel like quitting, that’s when you need to visualize your long-term goals!

Sorry, I know this post has nothing to do with nutrition.  However, it does have to do with that other piece to wellness and health which is physical activity and partaking in things that make you happy.  I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating:  figure out what makes you come alive and do it!

Does anybody else run?  Anyone training for a half marathon (or marathon)?  How about running groups?  I ran once with the NRA (Narragansett Running Association) and loved it but they are fast and they go far!

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4 Responses to Rock and Roll

  1. sarah says:

    Check out the Providence Ronald McDonald Running Club. They do track workouts for all levels several times a week as well as a group run on Saturday mornings from Olga’s in Providence.

    • Corinne Goff says:

      How funny, a client just mentioned that today- the first I’ve ever heard of it and now here again. Must be a sign I need to check it out! Thanks Sarah!

  2. Helene says:

    I just set a PR at Arizona IMS half-marathon. I was really pumped! I had sprained my ankle almost exactly a year ago and it took FOREVER to heal. So take it slow (spin class really helped me to stay strong and get faster) and give yourself time to heal. Helene

    • Corinne Goff says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Helene. Injuries can be so frustrating but I’ll keep up with the spinning. Congrats on your recent PR!

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