The Latest (and Not so Greatest) in Meat News

All Red Meat is Bad for You (the article)

You knew red meat wasn’t the greatest food choice you could make.  Maybe you told yourself that if you have it occasionally it’s okay.  Everything in moderation, right?  How often was your occasionally– once a week, once a month?  The problem with moderation is that there is no set definition.  According to this recent study at the Harvard School of Public Health, any amount and type of red meat increases your risk of death.  This includes foods like steaks, hot dogs, bacon and pork.  And no, pork is not “the other white meat” that the fallacious ad campaign led you to believe.

Research participants who replaced meat with nuts, poultry, whole grains, low-fat dairy, legumes and fish were associated with a lower mortality risk.

Red Meat Consumption and Mortality (the study)

They didn’t look at any differences between organic, grass-fed beef eaters.  I wonder if that would have affected the outcome.  When you eat beef that eats a natural diet of grass, the quality of it’s meat is better than when it’s been fattened up with corn and soy (which is most often the case).  The more frequent meat eaters also happened to have an increased rate of negative lifestyle habits like being less physically active and smoking more.

Interesting, but like just about all of these nutrition studies– so many confounding variables are involved leading to no solid conclusions.  No one knows or ever will know what the perfect diet is or exactly how much of this or that we should be eating.   But I’m willing to agree with the huge amount of research already established that points to eating more plants and less animals to reduce risk of disease.

Up next, check it out:  Meat Filler Gets OK for School Lunch Program.  Lovely, isn’t it?  It’s referred to in the industry as “pink slime” and it consists of ground up dead animal bits such as cartilage and connective tissue treated with ammonia hydroxide (to kill pathogens).  This “pink slime” can be added as a filler to ground beef or meat product without any indication on the label.

Do you eat meat?  How often?  Do you choose your meats based on quality or price?

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  1. I am a vegetarian but I cook meat ocassionaly for my husband. However, whenever he eats it, I make sure it’s organic, grass-fed beef. That lunch program is so scary! I hope everyone finds out about it and boycotts school lunch programs!

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