New Article Links and a Peek Around the Yard

I have been slacking on my blog but I have been busy with other projects–one of them writing articles for the San Francisco Gate Healthy Eating section (an online newspaper).  Take a look at a few recent additions:

Healthy Snacks with No Sugar, No Flour & No Dairy

High Protein Breakfast Smoothies

High Protein Vegetarian Stir-Fry

Weekly Grocery List for Healthy Eating for Family on a Budget

Is Instant Oatmeal Good for a Dieter?

In case you’re curious, I don’t make up the titles.  They are in a queue where writers can scroll through them and choose topics of interest.  I did this for Livestrong last summer but they must have hired too many writers because it was rare to find a title and when I did it was often something very unusual.  But the past couple of months have been great- hundreds to pick from.

I hope everybody has a fun Memorial Day weekend!  It’s going to be warm tomorrow! 🙂

Take a look at a few happenings from around my yard-

The first ripe strawberry!












Chris made a handy-dandy protective net covering to prevent unwanted hungry guests.  There must be hundreds of little green berries already forming:









Baby robin egg in the rhododendron bush.  Last year the baby bird hatched but was eaten by something- praying that doesn’t happen this time:












Peas!!  One of our few gardening successes:









Cilantro- our two plants actually lived through the winter.  They got a little out of control but there is still a ton of delicious cilantro on them:















Freshly picked cilantro leaves:












The kale I kept indoors all winter has been transplanted in the garden and has been growing:

My frog friend.  We inherited a koi pond a couple of years ago when we bought the house and the last two fish just died this spring.   The plan was to get rid of the pond and plant some trees in the space, but as I was working on clearing out the stones I noticed that this pond was the home of this little guy.  Demolition came to an immediate halt.  I either have to start pond-hunting for a new home for him or maybe make a smaller version in the backyard.









Pretty flowers for which I can take no credit for.  They just come up like pure magic each spring:





































































Who is doing gardening/yard work this weekend?

Coming next:  Super Priced Super Food finds at BJs!

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