Fudgy Black Bean Brownie Oatmeal

If you watched Dr. Oz yesterday you may have seen the healthy brownies made with black beans!  I have made bean brownies in the past but was never totally pleased with the results.  I happened to have some cooked adzuki beans in my fridge yesterday that I was running out of ideas for eating… and to be totally honest, was getting sick of eating after a couple of days.  So, I saw the recipe on the Dr. Oz website and made Dr. Fuhrman’s version. (click on link for recipe)

Well, more or less.  There are millions of versions of black bean brownie recipes out there.  This one wasn’t even the same as the original one I had seen by Dr. Fuhrman in the past.  Per my usual non-exact-recipe-following protocol I changed a few things.  Number one, like I mentioned, I used adzuki beans.  My philosophy is use what you’ve got (as long as it’s close).  Number two, I found my blender struggling to process the ingredients so I added a half cup of maple syrup…and for the additional reason that I could tell this recipe would not be very sweet using only 10 dates.  The other change I made was to use half carob and half cocoa powder and then I prettied (and tastied) them up by sprinkling dark chocolate chunks on top.

They may not fool everybody into thinking they are a traditional brownie but they were delicious.  Moist and sweet and chocolatey.  They don’t cut up into squares very well.  I noticed on the show the woman mentioned the trick was to bake them on parchment paper. But if you’ve got a spoon then you’re good.

The main ingredient here is BEANS.  If you are a bean-hater because of taste or texture this is an amazing way to get them into your diet.  This is also a fantastic way to satisfy a sweet craving.  These are brownies that you can serve on your dinner plate with your veggies and they will actually count as your PROTEIN serving.  Forget the chicken; go with the fudge brownie.  🙂

Healthy sweet dessert recipes like this usually end up in my morning oatmeal:

Just scoop a half cup of rolled oats into a bowl and add hot water to cover them.  Let them sit a few minutes to steep a little, top with fudgy black bean brownies, and eat up!  Include a piece or two of fruit, a soy cappuccino or cup of green tea,  and you’ve got a nutrient-dense breakfast.

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4 Responses to Fudgy Black Bean Brownie Oatmeal

  1. Corrine says:

    Hi Corinne….this looks scrumptious and I was looking for a good black bean brownie recipe to try! 🙂 I love that you added it to the oatmeal too. I will recommend this.

    • Corinne Goff says:

      Try it and let me know what you think of it. I’d make it again!

      • Diane says:

        Mine is in the oven – now. I like idea using what I have in the kitchen. Question – what should the consistency be when put it in the pan? Did you use 200 oven off 90 minutes – sure reciepe said.

        • Corinne Goff says:

          Mine was really thick when I put it in the pan. I cooked them for the full 90 minutes at 200 like the recipe said. Did you follow the rest of the recipe exactly? Let me know how yours came out!

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