Weird Meal Wednesday

Sometimes an ingenious idea for a blog picture will unfortunately appear after the photographic evidence is gone.

All that remains after tonight’s dinner is this:


Glass of wine number 2 (my absolute max).

Yes, that is a champagne glass, not a wine glass.

I like to drink my wine from them.

It’s just more fun.










I got my idea for a themed blog series while eating dinner tonight.  My thoughts went something like this:  I am so weird.  I would never tell anybody to eat what I am eating right now.  They would think I am insane.  But it’s really delicious!  And super-healthy!  Is it wrong that the way I recommend people make their dinner plate is not something I, myself do?  I sound like a broken record player that everyone’s listened to since kindergarten… make half your plate veggies, protein the size of your palm, and one cup of whole-grain or whole-food starch.  Blah, blah, blah.  Actually I suppose I do eat like that (more or less) but not the usual chicken/broccoli/mashed potato that everyone knows and is completely bored with.

I promise in the future I will take pictures!  But the best I can do for tonight is put my food into words.  Here is what we ate (yes, Chris joined me and has actually lived through the occasional meatless meal and I expect he will survive tonight also):

  • Baked sweet potatoes cut up into french-fry-like pieces dipped in bbq sauce and homemade vegan-mayo that was in the fridge and needed eating up.  I popped a couple of sweet potatoes into the toaster oven in advance knowing that they would take the longest to cook.   EASY!
  • Portobello mushroom caps, steamed (takes less than 10 minutes) and stuffed with guacamole (premade from BJs).  Scrumptious.
  • Strawberries from the garden.
  • A little red wine– something I rarely drink but for some reason just felt like tonight!

I don’t often plan meals around recipes. I plan them around what I have in the fridge/pantry/vegetable bin.  I made that vegan mayo for the first time last week because I wanted Chris to try and break his Vegenaise habit with something healthier.  It came out great!  That plus the bbq sauce for the sweet potatoes was so tasty.

Another tip:  Since dinner is usually your last meal of the day, reflect on what you have already had to eat earlier in the day.  For instance, I do like to have some kind of greens with dinner but didn’t stress them too much tonight because I wasn’t in the mood for them and I felt good knowing that I had broccoli and asparagus with lunch.  And I know I’ll be having a big spinach salad tomorrow night for dinner.  Think balance and variety.  Listen to your body and decide what types of foods it wants and craves.  Ask yourself what will truly satisfy you.  You are your own best nutritionist; don’t feel like you must conform to any rules or regulations.  Slow down when you eat.  Breathe and relax.  Don’t rush.  Stop eating before you become overly full.  This will help your metabolism and help prevent digestive distress.  Finally, do the best you can and do not be hard on yourself.

People I work with are always wanting to know “What should I eat?”  and  “I need some meal ideas.”  So, here I am ready and willing to bare my weird, random dinners in hopes of giving you some creative ideas for your own meals.  My aim with Weird Meal Wednesdays is to show you that meals can be simple, healthy, and delicious.  Think outside the box.  There is absolutely no need to stress about anything.  Stress raises cortisol levels which promotes fat storage.  If you’re anything like me, that’s something you are trying to steer clear from.

Anybody have any non-traditional, unusual, or quirky meals you’d like to share?

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2 Responses to Weird Meal Wednesday

  1. aysia says:

    I work at a cafe where vegan options are scarce. We do have tempeh however. And we are allowed one free meal per shift. I eat the same thing everyday.. A big salad of mixed greens, sunflower seeds, quinoa (or black beans), marinated tempeh, sauerkraut, and black olives. People think I’m crazy for liking sauerkraut on salad.. and tempeh for that matter; but its delicious and satisfying!

    • Corinne Goff says:

      That salad sounds totally normal to me! I love sauerkraut on a salad too… Bubbie’s is my favorite.

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