2 Fun Post-Race Snacks

I love running and I particularly love racing.  Please don’t get the wrong idea when I say racing.  It’s not like I am up in the front sprinting it out with the 5-minute milers.   I even hesitate to call it racing because it’s really more like I’m just donating some money to run along with a large group of people.  But there is a certain excitement to the experience that keeps me coming back for more.   Running is something I have come to love over the years…. and the beauty of running is that it’s really just you against yourself.  You get to make your own rules and set your own goals.  You don’t even have to try to beat your previous race times; it can also be about the fact that you simply laced up your sneakers and got out there for a few miles.  You’ve accomplished something worthwhile.   Personally I have found it to be an extremely rewarding activity as well as an effective mood stabilizer.  There is something therapeutic about moving your body out in nature.

After exercising, I tend to be the type to think, well I just did this great thing for my body physically so I am going to eat something  healthy and continue the trend.  However, there are times that call for something a little more splurge-y than a baked sweet potato, kale chips and hummus.  On the other hand, you may not feel like putting greasy hamburgers, stuffed-crust pizzas, chocolate shakes or fried clams in your belly so here are a couple of “middle-of-the-road” options to enjoy that will thoroughly satisfy your taste buds without completely going off the deep end.

1.  Frozen Pizza.  Get one of the healthier frozen pizzas like the ones by Kashi or Amy’s.   I love this frozen pizza by American Flatbread:







It’s got a delicious vegan cheese, however it’s lacking veggies!  Simple problem, simple solution.  Slice up what you like and add ’em on.  Problem  solved.

Chris can be all fancy-like when he wants to be.

Adding extra veggies to any frozen pizza is a super way to boost the fiber and antioxidants, plus they taste great!  Try to choose pizzas with a 100% whole grain crust– and thin is good to save a bunch of calories from the wheat.


Split the pizza with a friend and make a nice tossed salad to balance your snack!

2.  Nachos.  Another favorite post-race snack is nachos.  Back in the days, going out for a big plate of nachos was our thing.  There was nothing more fun than to chow down on a pile of fried corn chips loaded with fatty cheese, salsa, beans, sour cream and guacamole.  Mmmmm.   It’s really not such an awful thing to eat if you make a few minor adjustments.

Substitute baked corn chips for regular fried, try a non-dairy cheese like Daiya (or use an organic dairy cheese), add some fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, black beans, salsa and guacamole, stick in the oven til the cheese gets melty and dig in.

So proud of his culinary masterpiece…








You can enjoy your food without living on highly processed  items.  There can be a place for a few chips and fake cheese here and a frozen pizza there– because these are fun as well as convenient to eat once in a while.  All it takes is thinking things through a little and supplementing with fresh veggies to turn old not-so-healthy favorites into decent, nourishing meals.

Do you have any favorite foods that you avoid when trying to eat healthy?  I bet you can find or make a healthy version!  Have you ever created a nutritious alternative to something not so good for you?

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  1. Lee says:

    Those nachos look really, really good…can’t wait to make some of my own!

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