What Message Is Your Weight Trying to Tell You? (Plus a Spring Garden Update)

Just yesterday I was inspired by a post I read by Marc from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating called A New Way to Lose Weight:  Listen to It.  I find the concept quite interesting and wanted to share it.

Whether you are carrying around an extra 5 pounds or are 100 pounds overweight, you aren’t alone in your struggle with weight gain.  Rather than focusing negatively on that weight and chalking it up to lack of willpower and overeating, try looking at the situation from a new angle.  Excess body weight has a message, it is there for a reason and if you want to get rid of it for good it is up to you to make the effort to look deep inside to discover what your body is trying to tell you.  What are your true needs and why are you using food as a way to satisfy them?

We all acknowledge that most health issues like cancer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and many others are symptoms that things are out of balance and not quite right in the body.  These diseases are messengers telling you that you need to make some changes to your lifestyle to restore health.  The body has the potential to be incredibly self-healing if you treat it with love, nourish it properly, give it rest and the chance to align more with the ways of nature.

But what if you don’t have any medical diagnoses or health concerns aside from being overweight?  This too is a message in the form of a symptom (excess weight) that you had better pay attention to if you want it to change.  What is the message?  That is the big question that you need to explore since it varies from person to person.  Marc’s article lists several possibilities.  Could your extra weight be a wake up call that you are simply making the wrong food choices?  Or could it have more emotional ties such as using food to soothe loneliness, stress and unmet needs or as a way to cope with self-hatred, separation from spirituality or the fact that you have lost yourself in a culture that values speed and lack of awareness?

Take a moment to read his thoughts.  Then take some time to reflect on what message your weight is trying to make you mindful of.  It won’t be easy and the answer may or may not be obvious.  The first step is to listen and the next step is to take action.  Let me know what you learn and what you plan to do!


On another note…I realize I have been somewhat neglecting my blog as it has been over a month since I’ve written.  I have been keeping busy with other projects and spending my time less on my laptop, however I do plan to make a point to check in at least once a month.  I hope everyone is enjoying spring which finally feels like it is here and here to stay.  Ahh the simple joys of sleeping with the windows open and savoring that cool breeze, wearing sandals and sitting out on the deck after work.  I hope you too are grateful for everything that you have and appreciate the small day-to-day moments that make up your life.  I want to share a few photos I took from the gardens today:



The kale is going strong!








So is the cilantro which actually survived the winter under the cold-frame.  It’s multiplied so we have tons and I’m putting it in all my salads.






I’ve been snipping off the outer leaves for salads as they get big and can’t believe how quickly the plants regenerate and grow new ones.



I love going out to the garden with my salad spinner basket and scissors– clipping off leaves of kale, spinach, lettuce and that crazy abundant cilantro.  Just give it all a good rinse, spin and we’ve got the freshest greens around that are so flavorful there is no need for salad dressing.




It won’t be long before the peas are ready too!  Love watching their tiny vines grip the strings we set up for them.








The strawberry patch is already filled with flowers and green berries…can’t wait for these to ripen!  We definitely have to keep a cover over them since deer wander in during the night and like to snack on the leaves.







Those tall spindly things are asparagus.  This is a new one for us this year.  We planted them last year and they are supposed to take a few years to establish their root system before they can be harvested.  All this gardening is one big experiment!





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