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Which would you want to put in your body?

Almonds, cocoa, dates, banana      OR      Sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives?

And what has that got to do with a coffee drink?

They are the “behind the scenes” ingredients, the additions to the coffee to make your delicious drink that you probably don’t think about.  But should.

The weather is heating up again.  How many times this summer have you gotten a frozen coffee drink like a Coolatta or a Frappuccino?   I hope never.  Ha, ha.  If so, have you ever taken a moment to wonder about what ingredients these drinks contain?  Have you ever considered making your own?

You don’t need me to tell you that what goes  into these drinks is nothing short of horrendous…. they are basically coffee with lots of added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.

There is nothing wrong with the coffee itself– it’s actually loaded with antioxidants.  Plus it can boost your mood and energy.  It’s what is snuck in with the coffee that you want to be concerned about.  With these typical coffee shop drinks you are also exposing your body to calories with no useful properties and sketchy additives.  Drink these and you’ll throw your system out of balance, giving yourself zero nutrients necessary for good stuff that nutrients do-  like cell repair, fat metabolism and supporting a strong immune system.   Whatever you consume will have an effect on your body– real, whole foods will promote homeostasis while processed, artificial foods can lead to health problems.

Instead of junky drinks like Coolattas and Frappuccinos, create your own with coffee, almond milk, cocoa powder, dates, a frozen banana and some ice!

I spent far too much time browsing the seemingly infinite number of blog posts out there about homemade Frappuccinos until I found one that met my personal criteria for healthy and delicious.  Stevia?  No, thank you.  Check out Foodbabe’s Organic Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino for the recipe.  It’s super easy. Then spend some time checking out her investigations and healthy recipes.  Really awesome website!

Like just about every other food/beverage out there, you can have the unhealthy one OR you can have a healthy version.  It should be a no-brainer.  It’s your choice.  Put real food into your blender.  Forget these coffee shops that aren’t interested in what’s wholesome and nutritious.  Take control of your health! It comes down to deciding what’s important to you in life.

People sometimes ask me if coffee is “bad.”  Coffee actually has lots of antioxidants.  It’s also a rich source of caffeine.  Listen to your body.  If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from digestive issues or experience heart palpitations take a look at your coffee intake.  I don’t drink coffee every day.  I practice intuitive eating as much as I can and when I pay attention to what my body needs, I know that some days a cup of coffee in the morning tastes like pure heaven and hits the spot… and there are other days when it smells disgusting and I go for another option.  If I have it too many days in a row my body tells me I need a break.  Other people drink it every single morning and feel great.  We’re all different!  Know thyself.  As I always say, “You are your own best nutritionist!”

Coffee Research:

  • For most people, the health benefits outweigh the risks (Mayo Clinic)
  • High intake of coffee is associated with lower risk of diabetes (AND)
  • Moderate coffee consumption is inversely associated with risk of heart failure. Largest inverse association was found in those who consumed 4 servings a day (AHA)

And to clear up the confusion/myth that won’t die about coffee being dehydrating… It’s actually not.  The fluid from coffee contributes to your hydration needs.  Your daily cup or two of coffee can count towards your body’s water needs.  Try to keep it to less than 4 cups and be careful of what goes into your coffee!  Water is always a great source of hydration since it’s calorie-free as well as free-free!

You really are what you drink so stay cool, healthy and natural!

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