2015 Dietary Guidelines… More Plants and Less Meat/Dairy Please?

Nutrition fanatics listen up.  Last week the public oral testimonies were held for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.  To some (most?) this may sound ho-hum but it is fascinating to those of us passionate about health!  I recently found out that it is available to view here.  It’s over 5 hours long, and no, I did not watch ALL of it but I did watch most of it.

For anyone unfamiliar, every 5 years the National Institute for Health comes out with Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  These guidelines are intended to encourage the public to consume a healthful diet based on a review of scientific evidence, but are also known for being ambiguous with their wording so as not to offend powerful food industries.  It is sad but true, politics are strongly involved when it comes to food and health recommendations.

I have never watched these public testimonies before, and of course the usual big guys were there presenting their cases for their thing:  National Dairy Council, The Sugar Association, Egg Nutrition Center, National Milk Producers Federation, National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, The Salt Institute, American Meat Institute Foundation, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and even The Atkins Nutritionals and McDonalds!  Can you believe how hard it must be to promote such a thing as The Sugar Association?!  Yet, they do it.  Everyone’s got an agenda, but when you look at the science some of them simply do not stand up.  But here is what got me excited:  There were so many people advocating for a plant-based diet with less meat and less dairy!

I encourage you to watch as much of the original video as possible, but if you want a snippet of a few of the pro-plant, anti-meat/dairy speakers, take a look at this  clip: 2015 Dietary VEGAN Guidelines for Americans?! that includes the 3-minutes testimonies from Susan Levin, RD (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), Dr. Michael Greger (NutritionFacts.org) and Dr. Ted Barnett (Monroe County Medical Society).  This was just a few….I could not believe how many speakers were presenting their side for more whole plant foods and less animal products.  There were even some bold statements like: no amounts of processed meats are safe, get rid of dairy as a food category and eliminate artificial colors and preservatives.  Nice!

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am passionate about a whole-foods, plant-based diet with minimal to no animal products, for a variety of reasons.  I was truly inspired and give so much credit and thanks to all the people who spoke up for the health of Americans.  Will things change when the new guidelines come out next year?  I’m not especially hopeful for that but I am seeing a growing movement for a healthier and more sustainable way of eating for our future. I am definitely optimistic as I see more and more people opening their eyes and taking responsibility for their personal health.

Before writing this I came in from a little jog around the neighborhood and the first few flakes were starting to fall.  Now things are turning white and really blowing!  If you’re going to be in the same snowy situation as I am tonight and tomorrow, you’ll probably be spending some extra time in front of your computer screen.  If you can’t get out and run, try to get up and dance 🙂 every 20 minutes:

Love it!  Do it!!

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2 Responses to 2015 Dietary Guidelines… More Plants and Less Meat/Dairy Please?

  1. Holly says:

    Came across your site looking for a list of low glycemic fruits. I have been following oz two week diet to especially lose my wheat belly and find that I do not want to go back to bread, pasta, etc. but information us confusing.
    Found your site helpful. I am concerned about not eating dairy for calcium reasons. Eat almonds, and lots of veggies and Greek yogurt and drink almond milk.

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Holly,

      There are plenty of ways to get calcium without dairy. Look for almond milk or other non-dairy milks that are fortified with calcium. Make a meal of calcium-rich “beans and greens”…and don’t forget, weight-bearing exercise plays a huge role in bone health too!

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