Keenwah in Newport

Love the name.  Actually I love their whole philosophy about food.  They know, they know, it’s quinoa—  and they are all about keeping food simple and real.  I couldn’t agree more.  They also did a spectacular job of wowing us for lunch today.  I just heard about this place a few days ago and  Chris and I stopped by to check it out on Saturday.

I got the Edamame Hummus Wrap consisting of edamame hummus wrapped in an organic sprouted wheat tortilla with grilled vegetables, pickled mushrooms, carrots and mixed greens tossed with a wasabi vinaigrette.  What a deliciously unique blend of flavors that I’d never had before– I was pleasantly surprised.  One of my biggest annoyances with eating out is that wraps are almost always made of white flour but this one was actually served on something wholesome– hurrah for Keenwah!

Chris got the Organic Burger which was a 100% organic grass fed beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and served with sweet potato fries.  He doesn’t eat beef often and when he does he goes for the good quality stuff like this and he was in absolute heaven.  The sweet potato fries were outstanding, not to mention tastier and  healthier  than potato chips or regular white potato fries.  Totally reasonable prices too.  My wrap was $8 and Chris’s burger was $9.

I was so happy to see the place was busy.  Sorry I didn’t bring the camera– I’d love to show you the atmosphere with pub tables inside and cafe seating outside in the sunshine.  Click on the link below to their Facebook page to see some pics there.  The girl who took our order was friendly, attentive and genuine.  I swear that when people eat and live this way it reflects in their energy and vibes emitted.  We definitely plan to go back often because these are the types of restaurants that deserve support so that they stay around.  We’ll be back for sure.  More of them and less of BK and KFC please!  I always say you vote with your fork.  If you believe in eating locally, organically and healthfully you will adore the luscious menu at Keenwah.  Being in there even reignited my sparkly dream of opening a much needed healthful cafe in Wickford….ahhh someday perhaps.

Keenwah on Facebook

Have you been here yet?  What did you think of it?



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