Nothing for dinner

…Or is there?

When you’ve put off grocery shopping, your meats are frozen solid because you forgot to plan ahead and you’re down to what feels like nothing to eat, I’m here to tell you that you can just about always put something decent together.  Most of us probably have enough food between the freezer, fridge and pantry to keep us alive for several months.

You just need to get a little creative and this is a skill I love to encourage people to acquire.

Think outside the box.  I actually find it a fun challenge to see what I can scrounge up sometimes! While I definitely recommend being in the habit of planning meals ahead of time, there are most certainly going to be those days when that’s not going to happen.

Here is what I came up with last night when I thought…. “there is nothing in this house to eat for dinner.”




What is that?















Shrimp:  I just about always have these in my freezer and they are quick and easy to cook.  I put them in my steamer but you can also boil them in a pot of hot water.  Look for WILD shrimp instead of farmed.  Scallops would be another option.

Collards:  Hmm, how about going outside to look for dinner?  What a cool concept.  My first collard harvest of the season!  I was glad to get to them before the bugs did.  Collards make awesome wraps.  You can also chop them up and cook them.

Carrots:  When the veggie crisper gets low, these (along with onions) always seem to be in there.  I get the huge 5 lb bags.  I peeled these and shredded them in my food processor.

Peanut Sauce:  Peanut butter– another big time staple in my fridge.  Nut butters make incredibly delicious sauces.  I just whizzed up (no measuring) a couple big spoons of peanut butter, some fresh ginger, thai red curry paste, tamari, maple syrup and some water to get it to the right consistency.  It came out a little too thin so I added in some dry roasted peanuts and blended some more until perfection.  And with some nice crunchy texture as well.

Brown Rice Noodles:  Chris likes these and boiled some in a pot on the stove.  My personal opinion of them= meh.  I suppose if I were hungry enough I’d eat them but I wanted something light last night.  You can add them to your wraps or eat them out of a bowl with the carrots, shrimp, greens and peanut sauce mixed in à la Chris.

There may have been some red wine involved as well.  🙂

Call me weird but I get really excited making healthy food.  There’s something about being self-sufficient and innovative that’s empowering.  It’s almost always possible to make things like this if you look around your kitchen for what needs to be used.  And meals are extra fun when you eat what you grow.  I kept saying, “I grew these collards from tiny round seeds!!”  There are so many miraculous things in life that never cease to amaze me.















Do you have any makeshift meals that you’re proud of?


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