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Are you ready to make some changes to become a healthier you?

My new office just opened in The Meadows office park in North Kingstown and I couldn’t be more excited!  I am here to help you succeed with your nutrition goals by providing professional guidance, support and accountability.

Change isn’t easy and you don’t have to handle it alone.



I am what I call a “real-foods” dietitian.  My philosophy is to strive for balance and not perfection.   I promote a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods with which to nourish your body.  I promise that I will not put you on a diet. 🙂   Instead, how about replacing highly processed foods with real foods?  Don’t you love the concept of eating food that you will enjoy and that will make you feel amazing?  Trying to eat the lowest amount of calories, carbohydrates or fat isn’t the answer. 


Dieting isn’t what nutrition counseling is all about.   What we will be working together on is improving the quality of your diet through healthy habit changes and altering the way you see food.  (Hint:  Food is not the enemy!)

So, what can you expect?

  • At our first meeting (60-90 minutes) there will be a lot of information gathering.  In order for me to best help you I need to get to know you and the details about your eating that you are struggling with.  Everyone is different and your plan will be tailored to your needs.
  • Once we pinpoint specific areas that you would like to change, we will come up with the necessary actionable steps you will take to make those changes happen.  I will offer direction and advice but ultimately the decision about what to change will be yours.
  • You will work on your goals between visits and we will meet again in about 2 weeks or whenever you decide will be most helpful.
  • Follow-up visits are 30-60 minutes.  Here we will discuss how you are doing with your changes.  If all is going well, then great!  The plan will be to maintain them and build additional goals as we go along, if necessary.  If you are finding it difficult to stick with your plan, we will talk about the reasons for this and brainstorm alternatives that will work.

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Nutrition counseling is a process and not something that can fix dietary concerns all in one visit (as nice as that would be).  We’ll go as slow as you need to go.   You will have to be honest and open with yourself as well as with me.   It can be challenging emotionally, but know that this is a safe, compassionate environment, free of any judgement.









Most insurances are accepted, however each plan has different coverage.  Please check your policy for nutrition services coverage.  I also offer a self-pay option.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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