Frozen Green Tea Cooler


The hot weather is back this week and we’re all looking for healthy ways to keep cool.  Water is great but sometimes you want something different.

During the last hot spell I got on a bit of a frozen drink kick.  Smoothies and this Vegan Frozen Chai Latte hit the spot when I wanted something refreshing and wasn’t in the mood for plain water.

This week I got out my green tea and honey and blended up this simple concoction.

The secret to the intense green tea flavor is to blend green tea with ice made from green tea.

Add a touch of honey if you like it a little sweet or keep it to straight tea if you don’t want the sugars.












  • Green tea (1 cup chilled plus 6-8 green tea ice cubes)
  • 0-2 teaspoons honey (you decide how sweet you want it)

Directions: Blend together in a blender, pour into a glass and drink.

Pretty simple.  🙂




Start with a good quality green tea.

My favorite is this Green Matcha Tea from The Republic of Tea.







I steeped 3 bags of tea in 3 cups of hot water for about 10 minutes.

Let it cool down a bit and then place the jar in the fridge to chill.







Pour half your brewed green tea into an ice cube tray and freeze.

You can make this with regular ice cubes; it will just have a subtler green tea flavor!

But if you plan ahead and make green tea ice cubes your drink won’t be watered down.





Local honey is the best!

Think:  Quality over quantity.

A little honey is fine for flavoring your tea and a better choice than refined cane sugar, but remember it’s still sugar so I don’t suggest going too crazy with it.





Here I blended in some watermelon which is naturally sweet and thirst-quenching.






And if this looks good but you’re still thinking about that Vegan Frozen Chai Latte that I mentioned at the top, just click on the link for the recipe.  It’s incredibly good!



I made it both with water (like it calls for) as well as with brewed iced black tea.  Both are excellent!

I also substituted two Brazil nuts for the hemp seeds a couple of times and that came out delicious too.






And while I’m on the topic of frozen drinks for these hot days,  you’ve got to check out this amazing Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino.

I discovered and wrote about this almost 2 years ago and it’s still a favorite summer beverage of mine.




There are millions of yummy smoothie recipes out there.  A lot of them contain whole-food, nutrient-rich ingredients like nuts, seeds, dates, coconut and bananas– and they may be ideal for after a workout or as a snack when you need the fuel for your body…. but you do have to be smart.  It’s all too easy to chug down a big blender drink that turns out to be 800 calories and not realize it because you’re not actually chewing all those fruits and nuts.  Just be mindful– are you having it as a meal or is this drink in addition to your meal?

So for when you want something icy and cool to drink but a little lighter than your usual smoothie, this is the perfect time for a frozen green tea with a touch of honey.

Everyone stay cool, hydrated and healthy!




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