Autumn= Pumpkins and Baking!

leggings and yoga pants








The perfect weather is here; windows are open bringing in a refreshing breeze.  I’m lighting candles in the evening when the sun sets early, making hot tea, digging out my leggings and hoodies…and getting super excited about making homemade pumpkin treats.

Let the fall baking begin…



For this first day of fall, I of course have to share with you a phenomenal recipe for pumpkin-something, so without question I am highly recommending these Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars with Maple Pecan Glaze by the Detoxinista.  Click on her link and you’ll find a much prettier picture than mine– and more importantly, to get the recipe!

The ingredients are dietitian-approved real food ingredients including pumpkin, almond butter, honey, eggs and pumpkin pie spices.



Like she says, the pumpkin cake alone is great.





But the frosting takes it to the next level.





If you want to start your autumn off on the right foot, go make this and thoroughly enjoy every moist, pumpkin-y bite.

…and then go outside and continue moving your feet with an energizing, mood-brightening, brisk walk, bike or jog in nature.  You’ll be glad you did.






I just remembered one more wonderful thing about fall– it’s that brief time of year where there’s no pulling the “It’s too hot” or the “It’s too cold” excuse with your dietitian. 🙂







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