Goodbye Coca-Cola




Yeah, things like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.



I just heard the news today that Coke was no longer going to be a sponsor for the AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).  You may be surprised to learn that there even was a connection between Coke and the US’s largest professional organization for dietitians.

Definitely one of those things that make you go….hmmmm.  The AND  states that their vision is to optimize health through food and nutrition and their mission is to empower their members to be food and nutrition leaders.

Great goals, however my peers and I have always found it interesting that the big sponsors of the Academy are:  The National Dairy Council, Coke, Pepsi and Unilever, whose products include Ben and Jerry’s, Country Crock spread, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter (yes I can), Klondike Bars and Hellman’s Mayo.  {{{shudder}}}

If you don’t find that shocking enough, check out this article from Mother Jones about the 2014 California Dietetic Association’s annual conference where the author noted that:

  • McDonald’s was the featured sponsor and the sole provider of lunch
  • Hershey’s had a booth where they were passing out chocolate and strawberry milk
  • Butter Buds gave out packets of fake butter crystals
  • The Wheat Council hosted a presentation on how gluten intolerance was just a fad
  • The Corn Refiners Association had a panel defending corn syrup as a sweetener

These are conferences geared towards registered dietitians– the people who are counted on to have evidence-based, unbiased nutrition information.  As you can see, there is a strong link with the food industry.

Says Marion Nestle (one of my many favorite nutrition experts): “Food companies are smart. They know that if they can make friends and help inform dietitians and nutritionists that the people they are supporting or helping will be reluctant to suggest eating less of their products.”

I’m happy to see Coke go.  It’s maddening opening up my monthly journal and seeing logos from companies selling soda and candy bars.

Find this as fascinating as I do? (likely not but you never know).  If you want to read some unbelievable stories about how the food industry, nutrition and health are intertwined, check out Food Politics.









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