Why Your Chicken Tastes Boring









I don’t usually watch Dr. Oz but someone sent me this link to a recent episode that discussed a topic I am a big believer in– buying meats (chickens in this case) from farmers who are raising their animals to be HEALTHY as opposed to the majority of chickens who suffer on factory farms in unspeakably awful living conditions.

Chicken aren’t all created equal.  The state of their health is a reflection of their lifestyle factors such as diet quality, access to sunlight and freedom to move around.  Sounds basic enough, but sadly, most of the animals raised for food in America are denied proper nutrition, exercise and sunshine.  🙁  We’ve all been exposed to the documentaries by now so unless you have been living under a rock or are in denial, you know what I’m talking about so I’ll spare you a photo or a link.

Some people don’t care about animal welfare.  That’s a personal choice, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like their food to taste delicious.   Did you know the flavor of chicken is impacted by what it eats?  So is the nutritional value of their meat and eggs.  Chickens are meant to forage for grass and bugs– but chickens raised in factory farms only get chicken feed made from corn, soybeans and a vitamin/mineral mix.  They grow twice as fast in half the amount of time– but the quality of meat suffers.  What the cluck?  Food safety can be compromised as well.  There are plenty of reasons to know where your chicken comes from and select wisely.

Most chicken are soaked in a bleach solution after slaughter…. ugh.  And did you know that because factory farmed chickens are so bland, they are often injected with chicken broth to add flavor (and it still tastes blah).  They are typically fed antibiotics which make them gain weight faster.  If Canada and many European countries have banned the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotic use, why is it still common in the US?

‘You are what you eat’ rings true for chickens.

And for us– you could also say:









True, it definitely costs more to buy from the smaller farmers who are making the effort to raise chickens properly but it’s worth it.  It’s your health after all.  And it’s certainly more humane for the animals.  I strongly encourage you  to learn where the foods you eat are coming from and consciously make your food choices based on your values.  Not only are you voting with your food dollars for what is right, you are investing in your health!














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