Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (Dairy-Free)

0929151851dAre you tired of pumpkin yet?  I’m slowing down with it but still having some type of squash several times a week since it’s so abundant at the farms!

While pumpkin and other squash are definitely things to be eating now, it still somewhat qualifies as ice cream season as well.  We had a few warm, humid days towards the end of September when I wanted something cold and creamy made from my frozen bananas.  But what to mix in?  Peanut butter, cocoa powder, salted macadamia nuts, the usual suspects?…. No, I was looking for something new to try.  Aha! There was some leftover pumpkin in the fridge.  That, along with pumpkin pie spices and coconut milk just might make for a nice combination.  And it was!

I have gotten in the habit of having some source of fat just about whenever I eat– I find it keeps me full longer, plus it’s supplying healthy nutrients for my body.  I encourage you to experiment on your own, especially if you find you are hungry again too soon after eating.  Without the coconut, this ice cream is mostly carbohydrates from the bananas and pumpkin.  The addition of coconut (an excellent, nutrient-dense fat source) helps your body slow the release of those carbs into your bloodstream, resulting in less of a blood sugar spike and steadier energy levels.  And for bonus healthy fats– top your pumpkin ice cream with macadamia nuts! (not pictured, but trust me I did it)

Here is a photo of the ingredients you will need:


Frozen bananas, pumpkin pie spice, cooked pumpkin, coconut milk (canned)

To make:  Blend up in a food processor or blender until smooth and creamy.

How much of everything is up to you.  I used about 2  frozen bananas, half a tablespoon or so of spices, half a cup (probably more) of pumpkin and a couple of tablespoons of coconut milk.  How’s that for scientific!?  Obviously there is no official recipe here; you are just blending up some yummy ingredients and you really won’t go wrong.   One of the most useful tools you can have in this life is being comfortable and innovative in your kitchen.

To go along with your pumpkin pie ice cream, or just to enjoy on its own…

Check out this new tea I bought at Whole Foods:



Pumpkin Spice Tea.

It’s black tea (so it’s got caffeine) along with spices– I love it and it’s perfect for fall.

So, cool down or warm up with something pumpkin this weekend.  Embrace this short season while it’s still here.



Food is meant to be enjoyed and make us feel good.  I see too many people stuck in a fearful relationship with food.  I empathize because I was there for a long time myself.  I wouldn’t touch fat for years.  And boy did my health suffer.  Change your thinking about fats (and food in general) if you’re looking at them from a negative angle.  Instead of viewing fats and food as nothing more than calories that you must desperately fight to restrict, switch that around to the fact that good food is nutrients and fuel that will nourish and energize you.

Real food will optimize your body and health– that’s a great thing!  Once you make this connection, you will gravitate towards the types of foods your body needs and turn away from the things that don’t support your well-being.

Keep practicing shifting your thought process towards food being your FRIEND, not your ENEMY and you just might notice some interesting changes.


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