2 “Pizza-But-Not-Crappy-Pizza” Meal Ideas








Pizza!  Everyone likes pizza. I grew up eating pizza, probably at least once a week. Most people I talk to eat it quite frequently too.  Yes, it’s delicious and OK to eat occasionally but if you’re interested in how you can get that great pizza taste but replace the white flour (crust) with VEGETABLES…. I’ve got links to a couple of ideas for you from the Everyday Maven:  Real Food Recipes for the Everyday Family.

1.  Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Squash Pizza Boats


Some of the pepperoni came out burnt cause I left it under the broiler a bit too long– but these were so fun to eat and easy and quick to make.

I’d do these again soon, adding more veggies like mushrooms and peppers.



2.  Pepperoni Pizza Egg Casserole


This recipe is dairy-free but there is always the option to add cheese if you want (I did).  Oh, and I didn’t have pepperoni so I used bacon!  I added broccoli, mushrooms, peppers and onions in there too.  I also added way more Italian seasoning, like a tablespoon, which really gives it a strong pizza flavor.  While this egg bake makes a great breakfast, there is no reason you can’t have it  for lunch or dinner.  I would suggest serving it up with a huge salad or some steamed or roasted vegetables like asparagus, mushrooms, squash, spinach, zucchini, etc, etc, etc….

pizza dominoes

















And now for some brief ‘psychology of pizza-eating’ thoughts:  If you want to eat pizza, then go ahead and eat it— but stop making excuses as if you had no other choice.  Take responsibility for what you eat.   I hear things all the time like “I was in Chicago so I had to get pizza” or “It was my kid’s birthday party so I had to eat pizza.”  Nope, you never have to eat anything.  You want to and you’re blaming your actions on an external situation.

There’s nothing wrong with eating pizza (or whatever you want), but do it because you truly want to do it and then don’t feel bad about it.  Or if you do feel bad about it, then take a close look as to why it makes you feel that way and reflect on what you can do about it.  Once you shift your attitude and own your decisions and choices, you’ll realize you are in control and that can be powerful for behavior change.

I’m here to offer healthier options if that’s what you are looking for. But I’m also here to help you find that balance in your eating where you are eating things that you enjoy as well as giving your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy. But you have to be honest with yourself about your eating habits and accept responsibility before you are ready to change.

Ideas to boost the nutrient-density of your meal:  If you’re going to eat pizza from a restaurant or take-out, think about pairing it up with some plants.  Either order a salad to go along with the pizza and consider eating only 1-2 pieces if you usually eat 3-4.  If you’re bringing it home, you’ve got more options:  Make your own salad (which will almost always be better than what is offered at pizza parlors) or prepare some cooked vegetables to balance out your pizza. Basically think: substitute some of the pizza for veggies.            Sounds simple enough.  It’s now only a matter of making up your mind to try it.

As always, it’s up to YOU what you choose to eat!

pizza salad








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