8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello!  These are gift recommendations from someone whose life revolves around eating and talking about eating–  so you know they are all going to be food (or beverage) related.  They also happen to be things I have around my kitchen at the moment… but are more than likely not in most people’s kitchens.  There is an excellent chance you will find at least one unique idea for a special someone.

Now, on to the gift ideas… Christmas is right around the corner!


1210151157aAmazing Grass, my favorite greens drink company, has three new holiday flavors out!  Yes, I am proud to own the whole collection.  I first bought the Pumpkin Spice at Whole Foods and immediately fell in love.  Went back for the Holiday Cookie.  More love.   Went back recently for the Chocolate Peppermint only to learn they had sold out and would not be getting more in.  Through the magic of Amazon I had it two days later.  These are sweeter than the original flavors– but still low in sugar as they use stevia.




1210151206Bars for stocking stuffers.  Lara is my favorite and they have a huge rainbow of flavors.  Healthy, clean, real-food ingredients.  You can find these at most stores.  Great portability for bike rides, hikes or to keep in the car for an easy snack when you get hungry.



1210151203Chocolate.  Another perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift bag.  While chocolate may be an everyday staple, (What?  It’s not?) how about some interesting, wacky flavors for the holidays?   Chuao has one called Firecracker that has popping candy along with a dash of chipotle in dark chocolate.  They also have wild flavors like Baconluxious, Pretzel Toffee Twirl and Caramel Apple Crush.  Want to keep it a little lower sugar and higher cocoa?  You can’t go wrong with good dark chocolate bars like those from  Theo or Endangered Species.




The Republic of Tea has an extensive assortment of teas.  Gigantic, as in–  my cabinet is overflowing with these tea canisters yet I can’t seem to resist buying another flavor when I see something tempting at Whole Foods.  The tea-drinker on your list surely hasn’t tried most of these varieties.  There is something for everyone whether you want caffeine, no caffeine, a tummy soother, an elixir to reduce inflammation or just something chocolaty to sip with a dessert.




Local honey.  All honey is not created equal.  The stuff you get in those cheap plastic bears is not the same thing as a good local honey.  Not only does local taste much better, but it’s got more nutritional benefits.  Most store-bought brands are highly processed using ultra-filtration methods to get rid of pollen and other naturally occurring compounds like enzymes and flavonoids.

Check out FarmFresh.org to find local honey near you!      (Just enter your zip code)















Jerky!  Another cute stocking stuffer.  Like honey, all jerky is not created equal. Step away from the Slim Jims which are concocted from things like mechanically separated factory farmed chicken, corn syrup and sodium nitrites.  Epic sources meat from humanely treated animals not given antibiotics or hormones.  These animals live pasture-centered lives, not on factory farms.  Tanka makes a buffalo meat  jerky free of nitrites, antibiotics or added hormones.  They currently use 75% grass-fed meat and are working towards making that 100%.  High quality jerky is gong to cost more than the cheap stuff, but it’s worth it.  Pack some along with fruits and veggies when traveling to avoid having to rely on fast food.





Flavored balsamic vinegar.  There are many of these olive oil and vinegar shops– you likely have one near you.  We had one in Wickford called The Narragansett Bay Olive Oil Company that has been replaced by The ImPressed Olive.

We have the Chocolate flavor, but they have many other interesting varieties like Cherry, Cinnamon Pear, Coconut, Cranberry, Espresso, Fig, Mango, Pear, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry and Tart White Peach.

A delicious addition to salads as well as many other foods.








Local liquors.  These make for a truly unique gift for the alcohol-enjoying Rhode Islander on your list.

Everyone knows about Narragansett Beer but not everybody has heard of  Sons of Liberty in South Kingstown or Thomas Tew Rum in Newport.

Pictured:  Sons of Liberty’s Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean Vodka and their Pumpkin Spice Whiskey.  Rum by Thomas Tew.



If you choose to drink alcohol, please do so in moderation.                                                       Be aware that juices and sodas added to liquor for mixed drinks are loaded with sugar, leaving you with a high-calorie/low-nutrient beverage.                                                            You know this– just a friendly reminder from your caring dietitian!  🙂










Happy and healthy holidays to all!



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