Baked Carrot Fries

carrot friesI got the idea to make these from the show My Diet is Better Than Yours— have you seen it?  I don’t watch TV but heard about it through one of my favorite podcasts, The Fat-Burning Man (Abel James).  I found all the television episodes on our Verizon Fios On-Demand.  Abel was one of the experts on the program with his nutritional approach called The Wild Diet.  This means: REAL food , QUALITY food, including plenty of satisfying fats.   It’s a lot like how I eat so I was drawn to him and was rooting him on.  I also loved Dawn Jackson,  The Superfood Swap registered dietitian, who takes favorite foods and replaces them with healthier versions, and also encourages self-love and not self-judgement.  Cool! Dawn swapped her client’s usual french fries with carrot fries.  And here I am sharing this delicious idea with you.  Can’t believe I had never tried these before.

It’s super-easy.  Cut your carrots into french fries, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake at 425 for 20-30 minutes.

carrot fries tossed

You don’t need a lot of olive oil, maybe a couple teaspoons per pound of carrots. I don’t measure and don’t worry too much about exactness.




carrot fries with meal


Here I had them along with some asparagus, peppers, scallops and shark.

Often my philosophy for an easy, healthy dinner is to think “orange, green and protein!




Try them in place of your usual french fries.  Most of us don’t eat enough of the orange- colored veggies so this is a perfect opportunity to reap their benefits.

…And on another note–  Building on my previous salad post, I wanted to bring your attention to a new salad at the Two Ten Oyster Bar that I had just today:

Watermelon and Berries.  I got scallops added– Yum!

berry salad


Stay healthy and have a Happy Easter!









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