Food Photo Roundup 2: Meals

Being a nutritionist, it may come as no big surprise to you that I find it interesting to see what other people eat.  Not in a judgemental way, but more out of curiosity.   Plus, when I’m feeling like I’m in a food rut, it can help spark a change.  I don’t think I am alone with this fascination.  Many of my clients tell me they are looking for new meal ideas or alternate foods to add to their diet.

I’ve gathered some photos of foods I’ve recently eaten to show a few examples of the types of things I love to eat.   Don’t freak out that there are no “recipes”– just FOOD.  That’s right… the stuff I am always encouraging you to eat!  My intention is to convey how simple eating well can be.  This is not a post declaring “this is what I eat so this is what YOU should eat too”–  it’s about sharing a little glimpse into my food world to perhaps inspire you with fresh ways of eating if you’re bored with your usual food or if what you are currently eating isn’t working for you.

Here we go…

I make vegetables a priority.  I also do best with some good quality animal protein.  Seafood or chicken + green and orange veggies seem to be a common theme in my meals….



Baked flounder, steamed swiss chard and baked butternut squash.



monk fish



Baked sweet potato, steamed asparagus and baked monk fish.




salad with fish


Leftovers for lunch:

A bed of salad greens topped with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce and fish.  Yes, eaten cold.  It’s perfect.







Leftovers reheating in the toaster oven:  Delicata squash, sweet potato fries, asparagus and chicken legs.





Baked sweet potato, monk fish (baked with dill), shiitake and oyster mushrooms sautéed in coconut oil and sea salt.







Lunch made the next day from the above dinner leftovers:  Frozen spinach, baked sweet potato, monk fish, mushrooms, blue cheese and salsa.





We eat beef too– We buy local, grass-fed beef and…YES… it can be a part of a healthy diet.  My body feels great when I eat it.  Quality counts big-time so seek out healthy animals and spend a little more because it’s worth it.



Ground beef with mushrooms, canned tomatoes, onions, chili powder and garlic.





Here’s what we often cook together with ground beef:  Frozen broccoli, canned tomatoes and ANY other vegetables we have handy.











Hamburger patty on the grill paired with red wine, brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries.

For the sweet potato fries, just slice them and toss with coconut or olive oil and salt, then bake.




Here come some unusual combos:



This is a weird one but hear me out.

Avocado, sweet potato, sardines, salsa and blue cheese.  It was delicious, absolutely packed with nutrients and kept me FULL for hours.  Make sure you get enough healthy fats and protein in your meals if you find yourself hungry soon after eating.  It certainly does the trick for me.




nori 1

nori applegate


Try using nori wraps (sea vegetable used in sushi)– and get creative.




nori 2

nori 3Here I rolled up turkey slices, avocado, salsa and then as many salad greens as I could stuff into a nori roll.




tuna, etc


This one 🙂 — Canned tuna fish, orange and purple sweet potato, a guacamole pack and some salsa. (Those are my two go-tos for condiments.)  Looks kind of bizarre but I kid you not– I love this kind of thing for lunch.



easy whole food lunch


Often I put together whatever I have in the house that needs to be eaten, even if it’s not a”normal” food combination —               Think:  Protein, fat and produce!

<—–Easy, whole-food light lunch or snack.

Sliced Applegate Farms Turkey, avocado, apples and mushrooms.





Salad with sausage, coconut milk-almond butter sauce, fish, sweet potato and red peppers.

Rarely does food get wasted around here.  If there are leftovers that need to be eaten, I make sure it happens.

Anything goes on a bed of salad greens.






Salad with chicken and sweet potato.









Lettuce with chicken salad (I use whole-milk grass-fed yogurt instead of mayo), avocado, salsa and Parmesan cheese.





Salad with turkey lunch meat, grass-fed organic cheese, guacamole, shredded daikon and carrots and celery.



A couple of less common/atypical things I make:



We all get a craving for pizza one in a while!

This pizza crust was made with coconut flour.  To be honest, I forgot which recipe I used but I googled them and picked the one I liked.



Oh yeah~~  We eat ribs around here too.  And they are DELICIOUS.  🙂

Some things you never expect to hear from an ex-vegan.




Roasted chicken.  We buy our whole chickens frozen, usually from Pat’s Pastured.  They take more planning and time since they have to fully defrost in the fridge.  We also get the organic chicken thighs from Whole Foods.


I love to pair up my meats with plenty of plants!



Often I start with onions, celery and carrots (mirepoix) sautéed in coconut oil.  Then I add in whatever other vegetables I’ve got around.  A favorite sauce is a mix of canned coconut milk and red curry paste.  Peanut butter or almond butter are amazing added as well.

Make a huge batch to last for lunches and dinners for a few days.





Add shrimp for a balanced meal.





Another great way to cook a bunch of veggies is to spread them on a baking sheet, add olive or coconut oil and some salt or seasonings and then bake until tender.



Eggs aren’t just for breakfast.  Try making them for lunches or dinners too…

shirred eggs, bacon, pineapple


Here we have shirred eggs, bacon and pineapple.






spinach and cheese egg b ake


Egg bakes are fantastic and work for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   There are endless varieties but this one had spinach, bacon and cheese.






Have you ever tried duck eggs?  I LOVE them– they are HUGE and the YOLK (the best part) is extra big and super bright yellow….beautiful:












Duck egg with salsa, leftover veggie stir fry and mashed cauliflower.








The ducks playing in their pool and pen at Pat’s Pastured in East Greenwich.






That’s just a sampling based on what I had on my phone camera.  You can see a theme here is:  Good quality animal proteins, healthy fats and an array and abundance of vegetables.  Sweet potatoes and avocado are obviously a couple of my favorites.  🙂

If you snuck a peek at my diet from just a couple of years ago it would look very different– as in no animal products whatsoever.  Go back ten years and you would see how it has changed even more– I used to eat a lot more processed foods and didn’t make the time to cook as much.  Perhaps in a few years these pictures will look completely different.  My food choices have gradually evolved and over time I think the way most of us eat shifts… with the seasons, our nutrition knowledge/beliefs, our schedules, our cravings and tastes, what’s available, the associations we make about how different foods affect how we feel, etc.

If I got you to think outside the realm of sandwiches for lunch and meat and potatoes or big bowls of pasta and bread for dinner, then great!  Put some new foods in your basket the next time you shop.  Keep healthy foods in the house, always think ahead to what you will eat the next day, plan accordingly, and before you know it, you’ve created new habits for a better life.









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3 Responses to Food Photo Roundup 2: Meals

  1. Ann says:

    What, if any, dressings do you use on your salads? Thanks

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Ann! I don’t buy bottled salad dressings anymore. I do various things for dressings– I love balsamic vinegar as well as flavored vinegar from my local Olive Oil/Vinegar shop in Wickford. Right now we have a Blueberry one and a Pear Champagne that is amazing. I also like to make nut or seed based dressings in the blender. A couple favorites are Cashew Dill and Tahini Balsamic. Also, if I’m using guacamole and salsa, those are often plenty flavorful that I don’t need anything else. Oh yes, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese also makes a delicious salad topping!

  2. Ann says:

    Thank you for the ideas! Blueberry and pear sound very good!

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