Strawberries ‘N Cream Cheesecake (Vegan/Paleo)


It’s June and that means it’s STRAWBERRY month!

Not a lot is happening in my garden this year.   Luckily the strawberries blossomed like magic on their own– all we had to do was put a cage over them so the wildlife didn’t eat them before we did.




I remembered I had written about our Backyard Strawberries on here.  Was it last year?  The year before?  After looking it up, I was astounded to notice that it was FOUR years ago!   The other interesting thing about that post was I mentioned The Institute for the Psychology of Eating…. which I had come across and was curious about.  Well, I can’t believe it’s taken me almost FOUR years of peeking around their website and debating about signing up for their Eating Psychology Coach Certification program before finally making the decision.  I began in March and will be done in October 2016!

Meanwhile, we are being bombarded with strawberries.  Not complaining!  They are delicious to eat on their own (of course) and I’ve been having them in my morning 2-Ingredient Pancakes.  But I also had the urge to make a dessert with them, and so onto Google I went– and searched for and reviewed many strawberry cheesecake recipes before finding one I really liked. Take a look at this beautiful end result:


I loved this recipe with the mouth-watering title Strawberries ‘N Cream Cheesecake from Pretty Pies.  It’s made primarily from nuts and fruits, making it an incredibly nutrient-dense treat compared to traditional cheesecake.  And the taste?  Let’s just say it only lasted two days around here.  (I’ve also printed out her Peanut Butter Cup Pie and Key Lime Pie recipes to try in the near future.)


If you’re not growing your own strawberries (believe me, they’re EASY)– they are abundant at local farms/farmers markets and the grocery stores right now.            Saturday, June 18th there is a Strawberry Festival in my town at Smith’s Castle!









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