2 Ways to Drink Your Turmeric

Last week I mentioned turmeric as an ingredient in the curry powder in my butternut squash soup.  I got to thinking, “Really, how often do I eat curry powder or turmeric?”    Not very regularly and considering the proclaimed antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of this bright yellow spice, I wouldn’t mind incorporating it into my diet a bit more.  But seriously, you can only eat so much curry, right?

As chance would have it, I was at Whole Foods last weekend when a woman was demoing a product I had never seen before that caught my eye:



Golden Milk Turmeric Infusion with Grass Fed Whey and Warming Spices.



They also make a vegan version with no dairy called Golden Tea.


You mix a scoop with hot water or warm milk/coconut milk/almond milk/etc.



I tried a sample of each and decided to go with the whey version for the added protein.       I happily accepted a $2 off coupon as well.  🙂

I’ve used it a few times this week– the first time I heated up some cashew milk and blended in the Golden Milk–which made a warm, soothing drink to sip.  The other two times I’ve added a scoop to a cup of tea…



Which brings me to my second way to drink your turmeric:

Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea.


This tea is great on its own, but for a more substantial dose of turmeric, add a scoop of the Golden Milk powder.  The woman at Whole Foods told me she likes to add it to her coffee–I have yet to try this.




And there you have it.  Two ways to treat yourself to turmeric in addition to cooking with curry powder!  Are there any other foods that you know can offer valuable health benefits but that you tend to not eat?  Some things are a challenge.  One that comes to my mind is ginger root.  It’s not like you can just pick it up and snack on it.  There is peeling, cutting and finding just the right other foods to add it to.  After I ate up all my Curried Butternut Squash Soup I made a pureed Carrot Ginger soup which was a perfect way to use fresh ginger root.

Trying to eat more healthy foods but struggling?  Tip:  Make a list of all the nutritious foods you love that you want to ADD MORE OF to you diet.  Go out and buy them to have them available in your kitchen and specifically plan meals that will include these foods.     This beats putting your focus on the foods are trying to cut back on.  And when you start using more of the nutritious foods you bought, this will naturally and effortlessly leave less room for the not-so-healthy stuff.












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