Product Review: Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts!

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were at first either.

They aren’t nuts and they don’t have anything to do with wild cats.   Sorry Tigger!

Tiger nuts are tubers (root veggies) and they are a fabulous source of  prebiotic fiber– that’s the stuff that helps feed your probiotics, those friendly, beneficial microbes in your gut.  Prebiotics support the growth of your good bacteria and this is what you want– more good and less bad for optimum health.

Tiger nuts contain several important minerals including: iron, copper, zinc and magnesium.  They are also an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber, both of which help keep you feeling full.

Jack Sims from Tiger Nuts USA was kind enough to send me some Raw Tiger Nuts, Peeled Tiger Nuts, Tiger Nuts Flour and Tiger Nuts Smoothie Powder.

Take a look at Jack’s video where he explains how candy rations in England after World War 2 led him to snack on imported tiger nuts from Spain as a substitute and how he came to be so passionate about what he does today…

Tiger Nuts are a perfect addition for anyone whose goal is to keep their diet healthy, natural, unprocessed and wholesome.  They are also ideal for people with nut or gluten allergies.

Here are the bags of Raw Premium and Peeled Tiger Nuts:

My favorite are the peeled because they are less chewy/fibrous.  Jack says you can soak both types in water before eating which will soften them up.  At first they feel quite hard but when they do soften in your mouth and you bite into them you’ll taste a light sweetness.  I like how they are the type of snack that lasts longer than something you chew up immediately and how just a few can really satisfy the urge to much on something.

They’re GOOD, but not good in the way where you can’t stop eating them and have to finish the whole bag like with cookies, candies and chips.  That’s because these are natural and not concocted in a lab where scientists and psychologists are hard at work inventing sugary, salty and artificial combinations of processed foods that get you addicted!         Stick with real foods like these that don’t fool your taste buds and confuse your brain.

But… if you wanted to make, say, a healthier type of cookie you could go ahead and use Tiger Nuts Flour:


I used one of my favorite cookie recipes from The Detoxinista:  Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It calls for almond flour, which works beautifully but I was equally impressed with using Tiger Nuts Flour.  The texture was softer than those made with almond flour and they have their own unique flavor with a touch of sweetness– a success!

Tiger Nuts Flour is made from 100% ground tiger nuts.  I noticed it seemed denser than the almond flour and was more like a coconut flour consistency.  As I mixed the dry ingredients with the wet, I needed to add a little bit of cashew milk because the dough was too dry.  Like coconut flour, it soaks up the moisture, probably due to its rich fiber content.



And last but not least, here is the Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix:


Tiger nuts are made into a tiger nut milk that is then dehydrated into this smoothie powder.  I have yet to try it, but as the weather warms up I will be back into making refreshing smoothies and trying out this product!





If you’re interested in learning more about Tiger Nuts such as how they are grown and harvested, more details about their health benefits, plus lots more… just visit the website Tiger Nuts USA.

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