Food Makes a Fun Gift!

Birthdays.  Mother’s Day.  Father’s Day.  There always seems to be another occasion coming up.  How hard is it to buy for people when everyone has everything they already want plus some?  In this world of instant gratification and Amazon, we see something we want, we order it and it’s on our doorstep within two days.  While I admit that can be pretty awesome– it makes it so much more challenging to buy something special for that special someone!

My solution:  I love giving FOOD gifts!  And not just because I am a nutritionist– food is one thing that everybody needs and on a continual basis for survival.  And we all know that chocolate is definitely necessary for survival.  🙂   Plus, food isn’t (hopefully) going to gather dust on your bookshelf or take up space in your closet.

My tip:  Personalize your food gift to the recipient.  Everyone is different and has their own particular “food thing”– whether it’s hot sauce, herbal teas, chocolate, popcorn, wine, cheese, jerky, nut butters, chips– the list goes on.  Pick out something special based on personality and individual interests.

My recent example:  My Dad’s birthday!  My dad loves fruit, nuts, sweets and discovering new foods.  He also loves to travel and go to the gym.  I wanted to buy him some healthy things to take on the plane, long car rides and to the YMCA.  I was pleasantly surprised to walk into HomeGoods and find a huge variety of unique snacks!



Individually wrapped=travel friendly!





Wholesome ingredients=energy!




HomeGoods and TJ Maxx are a couple of stores where you can find foods you don’t always see in the grocery stores.  People love to be surprised with new foods!  You can put together a customized gift basket for just about anybody with items like olive oil, flavored vinegar, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, dozens of varieties of tea and coffee, candies, chocolate, savory snacks– many of these organic and with no artificial sweeteners, additives or food dyes.  You’ll also find a good selection of items labeled gluten-free or vegan for those with certain dietary needs.








Happy shopping and happy gift-giving!


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