Does Your Breakfast Egg-Cite You?

Mine does!

So much in fact that I’ve been eating these just about every morning for the past couple of years…

Those don’t look like eggs…. but they are!




Do you love pancakes like I do?  These are better because they are made with real, whole-food ingredients that will keep you full longer and give your body more nutrients when compared to flour-based pancakes.  If you’re a client of mine, there is a decent chance you’ve been given my favorite breakfast recipe to try:  Flourless 2-Ingredient Pancakes.  I wrote about these two and half years ago after discovering them, but they are so good that it’s definitely worth re-posting in case you missed it.

Here’s how it’s done:

You go from blending these 2 ingredients together…








….to this!  (Berries added– but the pancakes themselves are just eggs and banana.)








I use my Ninja food processor to whiz up the 2 eggs and banana.  Your pancake texture will vary depending on the banana’s ripeness.  Over-ripe and you will get sweeter, softer pancakes; under-ripe and they will be firmer and less sweet.  In my opinion they come out best when the banana is at the perfect ripeness for eating.









The first few times I made them in a cast iron skillet– but then I came across this awesome pancake pan at Job Lot which I now use.  The batter makes 2 large pancakes so I pour half in at a time.  Despite its claims of being non-stick, I need to add coconut oil or butter to it first.  Close the lid, wait a few minutes and flip to cook the other side.









My favorite way to eat these pancakes is to spread on some crunchy almond butter and add thawed frozen berries before rolling them up:













If you’re not egg-cited about your current breakfast, consider trying a little eggs-periment like the author of the article below:

I Ate 3 Eggs Every Single Morning For a Week– Here’s What I Learned

Egg-cellent article acknowledging the health benefits of eating the nutrient-rich egg yolk and the reality that while eggs contain cholesterol, they don’t negatively affect our blood cholesterol like was once believed.

She also mentions quick, creative ways to eat eggs such as adding frozen organic veggies and fresh avocado.  Did you know you can save time and a bowl by scrambling them right in the skillet?  Other noted perks: increased satiety, no need for mid-morning snacking and better ability to focus.  She also found comfort in having a consistent daily breakfast routine.  I can relate to all of those advantages.

Confused by all the varieties of eggs available?  Check out this super helpful article: What Type of Eggs Should You Buy?  to help you understand the wording on the packages.

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