Protein-Packed Cold Brew Coffee Shake







Refreshing.  Hydrating.  Energizing.  Mood boosting.               13g Protein.  Probiotic-rich.  Satisfying.  Totally delicious.

I hear you– you’re hot, thirsty and want something besides water.

This coffee shake may be just what you need on one of these summer days when you crave an icy drink containing a little pick-me-up.  With this being only the start of summer, you know there are going to be many more sweltering days in your near future.  So be prepared with thirst-quenching options like this!

Just 2 Ingredients:








Chobani Coffee Blended Greek Yogurt

Califia Farms Black and White Cold Brew Coffee

You can use any brand or even leftover cold coffee, but I LOVE this cold brew!

Simply blend about a cup of the cold brew with the yogurt along with a handful of ice cubes.

If you plan ahead you can freeze some coffee into cubes so you don’t have a watered down drink– but regular old-fashioned ice works fine too.



What I like about adding yogurt in this coffee drink:

  • It turns an otherwise low-protein coffee into a protein-rich one.  This means it makes a perfect snack to sip if you’re feeling a little hungry.  Instead of suppressing your appetite with just a lone cup of coffee, this will leave you with better blood sugar control and increased satiety.
  • Also, it can be an easy way to get more protein in the morning if you aren’t a fan of eating much for breakfast.  Thanks to the protein in the yogurt, you are going to have better appetite regulation and more balanced energy levels throughout your day.

This shake provides 13 grams of protein (12 from the yogurt and 1 from the cold brew).








The Chobani yogurt has some added sugars, but who couldn’t use a little sweetness in their life?  Don’t go overboard with added sugars and you will be FINE.  Use an unsweetened yogurt blended with your cold brew if the sugars concern you.  This yogurt has a moderate amount that can easily fit into a day of overall nutritious choices.

If you want to try a frozen coffee drink with NO added refined sugars and some additional ingredients, check out this post I wrote 4 summers ago called Healthy Homemade Frozen Mocha Coffee.


Because it’s made with coffee, almond milk, cocoa powder, dates, frozen banana and ice, you will get plenty of wholesome ingredients but you won’t get the protein that the addition of the greek yogurt provides.  But try blending in a plain/unsweetened yogurt for the protein boost if you like!




And really, water is great when you are just feeling THIRSTY!  Sometimes I crave bubbly-ness and that carbonation really hits the spot.  I love sparkling waters that have a touch of flavor but with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners like these Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Waters:


Refreshing summer flavors:                             Watermelon and Pink Grapefruit.

I’ve also had the Strawberry, Lime and Orange.  The slim can makes them extra fun to drink.





On a final note, you don’t always need to have protein in your drink.  If you’re making a snack out of it and feeling hungry, then the protein can be beneficial.   But, if you’re enjoying an iced coffee or matcha latte with a meal or snack that has a good protein source then you might not need the extra protein in your drink.  Make sense?








Happy July!!

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