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I had a really nice lunch with a couple of my Dietitian friends Friday.   🙂   It’s always so good to catch up.  Topics of conversation ranged from an upcoming wedding, a soon-to-be new baby, an office move and a website revamp… to orthorexia and the FODMAP diet.    Fascinating stuff!

We met at the Lifestyle Cafe.  I had been several times and absolutely LOVE that they have my kind of food.  You can definitely get a nutritious and satisfying meal here which can be pretty hard to find if you go to many of the typical lunch spots.

You may have driven by it on Route 2 in East Greenwich and seen the sign…

The Lifestyle Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch and they are a gluten-free cafe.  This doesn’t mean you have to be on a gluten-free diet to love it though.  They have a prepared food case where you can order items like crab cakes, calamari salad or veggie medleys.   There always seem to be new foods in there.  On the menu you’ll find gluten-free sandwiches like BLT & Avocado, Vermont Grilled Chicken and a Tuna Melt.

You can also “build your own” salad or gluten-free wrap.  Salads are my favorite– and what I really appreciate is how you can have a different salad every time you go by varying your greens, protein, toppings, cheese and dressing.

Here is the form you fill out:























Friday I got a salad consisting of:

  • Arugula greens
  • Tuna salad
  • Mild pepper rings, roasted red beets, roasted butternut squash, julienne carrots and sunflower seeds.
  • Swiss cheese
  • Honey mustard dressing

No photo of that salad but I took these earlier this month so you can see exactly how delicious they look:








Corned Beef                                                              Chicken Salad


You can take-out or eat-in:


No more excuses for going to a gross fast-food place for breakfast or lunch.  😉

There are just too many not-so-healthy options around– and while going occasionally is not going to have a big impact on your health– make it a habit and you will likely find yourself not feeling as great as you could be.

Speaking of things to not make a habit, I ate my very first Allie’s doughnut Saturday!  (Right after returning home from a super-humid trail race, hence my sweaty appearance.)



And what did I think?

I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I might be.  I know pretty much everyone in RI thinks these doughnuts are the best.  Judging by the line of people I see outside every time I drive by, they are popular. But I liked it enough to eat the whole thing so it couldn’t have been too bad.  🙂  Is it something I’d go out and buy again?  Probably not.  I’d likely pick ice-cream or dark chocolate sea salt caramels the next time I want a treat.                               Yes, we dietitians are human too!

My point is, it is OK to eat things like doughnuts or go out for a burger and onion rings once in a while if that’s what you want to do.  If you find your once in a while is more like once a day, then you might want to start to think about other foods to substitute with.   And it’s really important to take a close look at why you are doing what you are doing.  Awareness is key for change.

If your current breakfast or lunch is not working for you, I challenge you to try something new this week.  Maybe check out the Lifestyle Cafe or a similar place.  Chipolte, Cilantro and Mo’s have awesome options too.  Whole Foods has a gigantic salad bar and hot bar where you can put together a healthy and tasty combo of foods.  Then there is my favorite way to eat– just put together leftovers from your own fridge.

I can help you figure out some new ideas if you’re stuck.  You should be enjoying both how your food tastes and how it makes you feel.  That balance is totally achievable.

Happy almost-end-of-August!…. Peaches are ready at Narrow Lane Orchard.                         SO GOOD!!  ♥♥♥







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2 Responses to The Lifestyle Cafe

  1. Liz Schneider says:

    I love your face in the last picture of the Allie’s Donut experience. Thank you for a great review of the Lifestyle Café, I have been meaning to get over there but wasn’t sure about it. Now I will!

    • Corinne says:

      Thanks Liz– you work nice and close to it! Let me know what you think if you go…
      Ha! But watch out because you’ll pass Allie’s on the way there and back! 🙂

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