Santa Claus Melon Smoothies

My friends at Whole Foods were raving about some of their new melons in the produce department.  In particular– a gorgeous green melon called Santa Claus.
It tastes similar to a honey dew but sweeter.

They were $1.99/lb the other day.  I weighed one (they are heavy!) and then thought to myself, I do not think I am feeling up to spending $8-$10 on a melon today.So…I held off and thankfully so because last night they were all up in the front of the store displaying their gorgeous green and yellow rinds for .89/lb.

Go to Whole Foods now and get your melons!  There were several varieties, many of which were new to me.  I’m definitely going to be getting some more.

The melon is delicious eaten straight with a spoon, but after an 8 mile jog this morning I wanted something to quench my thirst.  So I simply put the melon flesh in the blender and blended.  Yum,….but to make it colder….

The addition of frozen blueberries gave it an icy coolness along with the amazing flavor of blueberries plus all the antioxidants they contain.  And for the third and final ingredient…

I have been a fan of green smoothies for some time now.  I realize it may sound weird or gross to those of you who have not yet become an addict.  Just try it.

Once you realize how good you feel and the energy boost they give, you too will be drinking them daily.  You’ll crave to have that chlorophyll running through your veins.  I would suggest starting with some fresh spinach leaves (which are milder and less bitter) and then eventually working your way into the collards and kales.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates

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