A Chocolate Mint Holiday Dessert and A Shopping Idea


Even though I’m not vegan anymore, I still find myself popping in on the Oh She Glows blog to see her latest recipes.

I can’t post her actual recipe here but I can do the next best thing… provide the link to her Vegan Peppermint Patty Slice where you can go and check it out for yourself.


And please do because her photos are much yummier than mine.

In my opinion, chocolate and mint are one of the best combos ever.






Luckily I had all the ingredients at home because when I saw this recipe I knew exactly what was going to happen in my kitchen as soon as work ended for the day.

It came out so good.  LOL, sometimes I amaze myself with my creative, descriptive words.  Hmmm… it’s cool, creamy, minty and chocolatey with crunchy chocolaties on top.  🙂  That’s a bit better.


And because these are made with spinach (for the greenness), guess what? They qualify as a vegetable.  Kidding! But I am serious about them being full of healthy ingredients like cashews, cocoa and coconut with maple syrup as a sweetener.

I will surely be making these again!




Christmas is in one week.  I know everyone always says this, but as the years pass it really does sneak up faster than the last.  Remember when we were little and the weeks and days dragged so slowly and time stretched out as our excitement for Christmas grew?             And how about the seasons shifting so much quicker now?!  Wasn’t I was just out riding my bike in the balmy sunshine?  Then I blinked and here I am trying to process the fact that there is snow outside and it’s 24 degrees.  Sometimes it can scare me how fast life is going by!

If you are like me and your days are coming and going at high-speed and you too can’t comprehend how Christmas is in one week– I’ve got an idea for a fun shopping place…

Trader Joe’s!  While one of the last things I felt like doing the week before Christmas was driving down Route 2 in Warwick, sitting with my anxiety about not having my shopping done (ok, more like started) felt worse.  So, over to Trader Joe’s I went on Saturday.  I go there every so often, mostly to stock up on their nut butters and salsas, but going through the aisles with buying for other people in mind was actually a ton more fun.  I like giving food gifts… because everyone likes and needs food!  And most people love to get something out of the ordinary, something they might not have seen or tried before.  What’s impressive about Trader Joe’s is that they have a large selection of unique, gifty, affordable items where you can put together a personalized gift basket/bag that anyone would be thrilled to receive.  Here are some of the things I found:

Good luck with your shopping!

And remember, while this is true:






also keep this in mind…

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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