Getting Through January

Getting through January.  Ha, is that the right attitude? What about enjoying each moment?  …Each moment that’s below freezing…Each moment that’s gray and dark.  🙂

I’m seriously trying.  Some days are easier than others and while I know I ought to make the best of what is, the truth is, the anticipation of warmer weather is constantly lurking in the background of my mind.  It’s the hope that keeps me going!






As I write this, I’m still in awe that today was 54 and sunny.  Just when you think you can’t take another dreary, icy, bitter, 20 degree day, nature throws us a day like this–                    I believe it’s to provide some hope and serve as a reminder that spring will indeed arrive and we can make it.

One day you’re out snow blowing puppy trails:



Jan 6th





And the next you’re raking leaves in a t-shirt while your happy pets enjoy the weather:


Jan 20th

Yes, raking leaves in January because we never quite got them all raked in the fall.  Hey, I’ll take raking leaves out in the sunshine over being stuck inside with cabin fever any day.




Is it just me or has this January felt colder than usual?  (aside from today!)                     “You know, it IS winter” says everyone– but when you’re somebody who loves to head outside in the early morning for a run or bike ride (or just sit out on the yard swing reading) it can be difficult to stay patient with this time of year.

I do rely on exercise for feeling good.  Ok, who am I kidding– for sanity!                             But I’m also rolling with the seasons and slowing down a bit.  It even feels nice.            There has been less running and more hot yoga.  And I’m good with that.  I may not be as active as I am in the summer but I make the effort to do something to move my body most days.  I plan for runs when it’s milder and yoga when it’s super cold/snowy.  And yep, some days I do nothing when I need a rest.


Totally my attitude.






As far as biking is concerned, I have confirmed that there is no comparison between pedaling down the road under the sky and the sun, feeling the wind and observing life at the perfect speed– with staring at a screen in the basement.

I tried.  I wanted to love it.

It’s an interactive game called Zwift where you ride with others around the world in real-time.  In some ways it was kind of fun… I did a London loop and a path that went up a volcano.

I tried it a couple of times before deciding it’s not for me.  The third time I rode indoors I turned my bike around to face out the window and listened to my running playlist and found this a lot more enjoyable.  But… I still find myself bundling up in layers to head outside for a run or driving over to the hot yoga studio instead of hopping on my bike indoors.


See ya outside in the spring bike!

The fact that I can’t be out riding my bike now makes it that much more special for when the weather does get warmer.   Same goes for running outside without 2 pairs of pants, 3 layers of tops, a hat and mittens.  Well, that’s what I am telling myself.  Like I said, it’s the hope and anticipation of spring that is getting me through.  In the meantime… I’m going to keep watching the weather forecast like a hawk (not that it’s even right most of the time) and plan my activities around that.  Gotta stay somewhat sane!

Another thing that keeps me going during these winter months is races.  Thankfully there are races year-round that are always fun and motivate me to improve… I plan to do as many of them as I can.

Even if it’s 19 degrees out like it was at the Resolution Beach and Trail run last weekend:











Next weekend:  The Charlestown Chili 5k at Ninigret Park.                                                     See you there, whatever the weather brings our way!








I’d by lying if I said I haven’t already begun daydreaming of spring.  But while I am looking forward to it I’m also working my darndest on being ok with what we have now.  And I’m not letting whatever the weather is keep me from doing the things that make me happy.

It makes sense what they say at yoga:

You can be cold and wet.

Or you can be cold, wet and miserable.

You choose how you respond to whatever is.

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