I sought the assistance of a nutritionist because I was sick and tired of the diet merry-go-round. I have been on and off diets my whole life, gaining and losing the same 30-40 lbs at least 5 or 6 times in my adult life. I always had success losing weight it’s just that the weight always came back. I wanted something different this time. I also kept hearing and reading about clean eating, which I’ll be honest I always thought I was doing.

What I needed really was an education and some guidance from a real live person and that’s exactly what I found in Corinne. The first thing I said to her is… “I want to lose weight but I do not want to go on a diet. Is that possible?” We talked a lot that first appointment. She’s a great listener. She learned about my eating habits and instantly put her finger on a couple of things that she felt could make a difference. And it did! I also learned something about myself, I thought I was eating good food just too much of it, as it turns out I was right on one count, the eating too much part but I was wrong on the other, I wasn’t really eating as “good” as I thought.

Corinne provided me a lot of practical information and some subtle changes that yielded early results. I lost 5 lbs in the first two weeks. And I have steadily lost weight, not as fast as if I had been on one of those other “diet” plans, but I wasn’t on a diet this time. And in each and every visit, I have either maintained or lost weight. I’ve learned that there are subtle ways to change what I am eating that make a real difference.

I have learned to enjoy cooking again too! I have learned how to make treats to satisfy my sweet tooth and not sabotage my desire to lose weight. In addition, I had recently learned that I had severe arthritis in my knees and was hoping a healthier diet would help and as it turns out it has in a very tangible way. My knees feel better than they have in years.

Meeting with Corinne was one of the best decisions I made in a long time. She has helped me in the most obvious way as I have been losing weight but she has also helped me learn about myself in the process too. I feel better physically and that helps you feel better emotionally too! If you are even thinking about seeking the assistance of a nutritionist you should definitely give Corinne a call. She’s fabulous!

~ Ann Marie



About a year ago, I made a decision to try to lose weight.  I was struggling with formulating a plan when a friend suggested I call Corinne. It turned out to be a great suggestion.   Corinne helped me to  learn which foods are good for me and which ones to avoid.  She also straightened me out on a few of the misconceptions I had picked up on certain foods.  Instead of dreading dieting, Corinne gave me a positive outlook for mixing flavors, controlling portions, and being more careful of what I put in my body.  She helped me to lose weight, gave me the tools to better maintain my weight in the future, and helped me to take the stress out of the process.

~ Margarida



I have been overweight most of my life, with surges of activity and better eating, but only to fall back into lethargy and bad habits. Corinne’s dedication, patience and insights are exactly what I needed to start – and continue – losing pounds after all these years.

It was “fun enough” to be a big, fun guy for all these years, but in reality, the tears of a clown are what were hiding behind the chuckles. Overweight people will know that being fat means ‘selling yourself short’ and ‘accommodating others’ over looking out for yourself.  There is a real psychological element to being overweight and these issues can not be fully tackled by just- the familiar but limiting “eat less, exercise more” simplicity, or a stack of diet books or some type of “I’ll go to the gym everyday until I’m in shape” mentality.  One must really have the help of a trained, and compassionate, licensed nutritionist like Corinne Goff to really break through these obstacles of a self-sabotaging mindset and the negative behaviors associated with being obese.

Corinne knows what she is talking about. Upon meeting her, you will discover that she has a very healthy physique and happiness to her face that most of us would envy.

More so than “what to eat and what not to eat,”  Corinne helped me discover the ‘whys and hows’ of my overeating. Case in point: I never realized just how much bread, carbohydrates, sugars and sweets I had been eating until Corinne had me document my food intake with a journal. Only then, could we really see together the mistakes I was making. Yes, I will use the word ‘mistakes’ because, to cut to the chase, to eat like I had been my whole life was a detrimental mistake, not only to my looks, but to my health, my career as an Actor, and my enjoyment of life.

I will never get back the years I spent being overweight, all I can do now is move forward, and I advise anyone reading this to remember that every day you put off getting help is another day of misery. Or even worse, mediocrity. Because when you are miserable, at least you feel it. When you are just mediocre, you don’t feel anything.

This is your wake up call. If you are fat, pleasantly plump, ‘large and in charge’, a BBW, ‘not fat just husky’, Big & Tall, portly, jolly,  or whatever you and your friends like to think of yourself as… that is mediocre. That is not living up to your best potential. You are hiding behind the fat. You are hiding behind fear.

Kill the excuses. The fact that many, if not most, of us  Americans are overweight is not a good excuse. The fact that your family, or your friends, or your spouse or even your kids are overweight are not good enough reasons to not apply yourself now to losing weight.

If you are struggling, then you know you care. Call Corinne. She will work with you, to make things happen for you. You can do it and Corinne and her Be the Change Nutrition can help!

Corinne Goff’s  Be The Change Nutrition consultation helped me lose 35 pounds in twelve months. Every pound has been a challenge and Corinne has been with me the whole time.  I started in September 2015 at 302, then reached my goal of 289 by Jan 1, 2016. Just getting to 289, even if I had to take my shoes off!,  and making that simple first goal was great.  We have set monthly goals since, most I have met, some I have not.  But we keep pushing forward, meeting every single week. I weighed in at 267.6 at my last weigh in with Corinne in early September, 2016. The next goal is 259 by January 1, 2017. I may get there sooner. For 2018, I will focus on my life-goal weight. But, one step at a time, and I am slightly ahead of schedule. That’s the nuts and bolts.

Beyond pounds, for me the real deal is how I look and how I feel. I don’t have that same “tired” feeling all the time, or that usual “bloated after eating” feeling… that feeling I had all day, no matter what or when I ate. I don’t have that ache in my lower back anymore. Well, there’s 35 pounds less to carry! Also, for the first time in years, I got in the “30s” for pants size. From 42 down to 38. And, for the first time since college, I am into a size 2XL shirt, instead of a 3XL or even a 4XL.

It’s great to be “a big guy.” I’ll always be a big guy. But to be a big guy in a 2XL instead of a 3XL… that is the change that I want to be. And now, that is the change that I am!

If you are overweight and/or unhealthy, and have read this enough to feel a glimmer of inspiration to call Corinne, I urge you to call her now, before thinking too much about it, or “discussing it with my spouse” or “sending her an email when I get home from work.” We all know those are the delays that we put in front of us to avoid taking action.

You aren’t going to figure this out on your own, and you won’t be able to “wait until next year” or “when my schedule clears” or to “get back to this later because now is just not the time” to lose weight. These are the lies we tell ourselves.

Start telling yourself the truth. You need to lose weight. Call Corinne now and get started.

– Mike Messier, Movie Maker/ Actor. Wickford, Rhode Island.