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I had a really nice lunch with a couple of my Dietitian friends Friday.   🙂   It’s always so good to catch up.  Topics of conversation ranged from an upcoming wedding, a soon-to-be new baby, an office move and a website revamp… to orthorexia and the FODMAP diet.    Fascinating stuff!

We met at the Lifestyle Cafe.  I had been several times and absolutely LOVE that they have my kind of food.  You can definitely get a nutritious and satisfying meal here which can be pretty hard to find if you go to many of the typical lunch spots.

You may have driven by it on Route 2 in East Greenwich and seen the sign…

The Lifestyle Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch and they are a gluten-free cafe.  This doesn’t mean you have to be on a gluten-free diet to love it though.  They have a prepared food case where you can order items like crab cakes, calamari salad or veggie medleys.   There always seem to be new foods in there.  On the menu you’ll find gluten-free sandwiches like BLT & Avocado, Vermont Grilled Chicken and a Tuna Melt.

You can also “build your own” salad or gluten-free wrap.  Salads are my favorite– and what I really appreciate is how you can have a different salad every time you go by varying your greens, protein, toppings, cheese and dressing.

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Where I’ve Been Getting Local Food This Summer

Hello and Happy August– and at the risk of sounding like everyone else….                         How is it August already??  I don’t want the end of summer in my sight just yet!

I hope you’ve all been eating well this summer.  True, there may be ice cream shops and Del’s stands everywhere you turn, but I’m also seeing tons of signs for “Fresh Eggs” and “Fresh Produce” all over the place.  I’ve really been making the effort to add more locally grown and raised foods into my life and I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to spots.  Click on the links to see each Facebook page for more info:

Healey Farm

1100 Lafayette Rd, North Kingstown RI








This is our second season joining their CSA.  (FYI: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.)  You pay a fee to the farm upfront and each week you pick up a bag of whatever goodies were harvested.  This one began 3 weeks ago and so far we’ve gotten green beans, kale, basil, beets, onions, potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and summer squash.  I am almost certain I forgot at least one or two things too.  I’m so excited this goes through the end of October when it’s time for all my favorite winter squash.  It’s only August and I’m already thinking about pumpkin pie!

What we got last week:








I pick up our loot every Wednesday.  This farm is only a few miles from our house so it’s super convenient. It’s definitely a challenge to eat up all of this food before the week is through and we get our next fully loaded bag.  Bring on the challenge I say.  We honestly DO eat more vegetables because of this CSA!  If you’re trying to eat more veggies (who isn’t?) then a CSA like this is a perfect way to make that goal happen.  No worries if you missed this year’s CSA– Healey’s farm stand is open now so head over and fill a bag with whatever looks good to you.  And don’t forget to say hello to the adorable farm animals that live there.  Healey can also be found at the Wickford Village Farmers Market on Thursdays from 1-5pm.

Del Vecchio Farm:  For Blueberry Picking

302 Potter Rd, North Kingstown RI

We went a few weeks ago in July– the blueberries were abundant and we picked a huge bagful.  It was our first and only time and I highly recommend it.  I never even knew this place existed so now I know and now YOU know…so go check it out while they are still in season.  I only wish I had thought to snap a picture before we ate all the berries.  I also made a Blueberry-Cheezecake with these– delicious!



Stoney Hill Cattle Company

460 Shumankanuc Hill Rd, Charlestown RI


They are at the Rocky Hill Farmers Market in East Greenwich on Saturdays.  Naturally and humanely raised beef, pork and chicken.  Awesome eggs.  Yes, they even have bacon. ♥  Lucky Foot Ranch is also there with yummy veggies!




Windmist Farm and Watson Farm

71 Weeden Ln and 455 North Rd, Jamestown RI


These two farms are practically right across the street from one another in Jamestown.  Grass-fed and pastured meats.  Free-range eggs.  Fresh cider in the fall!  I hear there are even donuts.  I’m not far from the Jamestown Bridge and I love going for runs or taking my dog for walks there so it’s a place I visit frequently.  Take the scenic ride over the bridge to these farms to pick up their delicious meats and eggs.



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Protein-Packed Cold Brew Coffee Shake







Refreshing.  Hydrating.  Energizing.  Mood boosting.               13g Protein.  Probiotic-rich.  Satisfying.  Totally delicious.

I hear you– you’re hot, thirsty and want something besides water.

This coffee shake may be just what you need on one of these summer days when you crave an icy drink containing a little pick-me-up.  With this being only the start of summer, you know there are going to be many more sweltering days in your near future.  So be prepared with thirst-quenching options like this!

Just 2 Ingredients:








Chobani Coffee Blended Greek Yogurt

Califia Farms Black and White Cold Brew Coffee

You can use any brand or even leftover cold coffee, but I LOVE this cold brew!

Simply blend about a cup of the cold brew with the yogurt along with a handful of ice cubes.

If you plan ahead you can freeze some coffee into cubes so you don’t have a watered down drink– but regular old-fashioned ice works fine too.



What I like about adding yogurt in this coffee drink:

  • It turns an otherwise low-protein coffee into a protein-rich one.  This means it makes a perfect snack to sip if you’re feeling a little hungry.  Instead of suppressing your appetite with just a lone cup of coffee, this will leave you with better blood sugar control and increased satiety.
  • Also, it can be an easy way to get more protein in the morning if you aren’t a fan of eating much for breakfast.  Thanks to the protein in the yogurt, you are going to have better appetite regulation and more balanced energy levels throughout your day.

This shake provides 13 grams of protein (12 from the yogurt and 1 from the cold brew).








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Does Your Breakfast Egg-Cite You?

Mine does!

So much in fact that I’ve been eating these just about every morning for the past couple of years…

Those don’t look like eggs…. but they are!




Do you love pancakes like I do?  These are better because they are made with real, whole-food ingredients that will keep you full longer and give your body more nutrients when compared to flour-based pancakes.  If you’re a client of mine, there is a decent chance you’ve been given my favorite breakfast recipe to try:  Flourless 2-Ingredient Pancakes.  I wrote about these two and half years ago after discovering them, but they are so good that it’s definitely worth re-posting in case you missed it.

Here’s how it’s done:

You go from blending these 2 ingredients together…







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I’ve Been There Too

I’ve kept a lot of journals over the years.  🙂   I find writing to be magically therapeutic for processing some of the crazy stuff that goes on in my brain.  The words in many of these books serve as a reminder to me that there is a way through anything that feels hopeless.







I don’t tend to talk about my history of struggling with food, eating and body image.        But I feel like it’s worth digging up old (painful) memories and sharing because I talk to people ALL the time who are dealing with what I’ve spent years going through.                      If it can give someone hope, then it is well worth it to open up. 

I really believe it helps to have firsthand experience to best relate to and help others.  While on the surface it may appear that dietitians and nutritionists have healthy relationships with food, for many of us it hasn’t always been that way.  This is often what brought about our passion for this field in the first place.

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Food Makes a Fun Gift!

Birthdays.  Mother’s Day.  Father’s Day.  There always seems to be another occasion coming up.  How hard is it to buy for people when everyone has everything they already want plus some?  In this world of instant gratification and Amazon, we see something we want, we order it and it’s on our doorstep within two days.  While I admit that can be pretty awesome– it makes it so much more challenging to buy something special for that special someone!

My solution:  I love giving FOOD gifts!  And not just because I am a nutritionist– food is one thing that everybody needs and on a continual basis for survival.  And we all know that chocolate is definitely necessary for survival.  🙂   Plus, food isn’t (hopefully) going to gather dust on your bookshelf or take up space in your closet.

My tip:  Personalize your food gift to the recipient.  Everyone is different and has their own particular “food thing”– whether it’s hot sauce, herbal teas, chocolate, popcorn, wine, cheese, jerky, nut butters, chips– the list goes on.  Pick out something special based on personality and individual interests.

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Product Review: Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts!

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were at first either.

They aren’t nuts and they don’t have anything to do with wild cats.   Sorry Tigger!

Tiger nuts are tubers (root veggies) and they are a fabulous source of  prebiotic fiber– that’s the stuff that helps feed your probiotics, those friendly, beneficial microbes in your gut.  Prebiotics support the growth of your good bacteria and this is what you want– more good and less bad for optimum health.

Tiger nuts contain several important minerals including: iron, copper, zinc and magnesium.  They are also an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber, both of which help keep you feeling full.

Jack Sims from Tiger Nuts USA was kind enough to send me some Raw Tiger Nuts, Peeled Tiger Nuts, Tiger Nuts Flour and Tiger Nuts Smoothie Powder.

Take a look at Jack’s video where he explains how candy rations in England after World War 2 led him to snack on imported tiger nuts from Spain as a substitute and how he came to be so passionate about what he does today…

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Recent JOB LOT Food Finds

Everyone is always looking for new food ideas, so here are my finds from a recent trip….  to Job Lot!

Do you ever think of Job Lot when you think of food shopping?  I do!  While you’re obviously not going to find essentials like fresh vegetables or meats,  it’s always fun to walk through their food section where you will discover an eclectic variety of groceries and almost always for an awesome price.

If you live in Rhode Island you know about the Ocean State Job Lot.  I’ve lived in six different parts of the state and there has always been one nearby.  While visiting their website for the first time, I just learned that they have 126 stores!  (15 in RI)   I had no idea they were that widespread.

Another really cool thing about Job Lot is you’ll always find new things there.  This can be a negative when you find something you love and then it’s gone– but that’s just how it is!  Stock up when you do find something you’ll use.  Their website even has a Coming Attractions tab where I see Tretap Maple Sparkling Water for 75¢ that I will now be on the lookout for.  Check out the short video on the Tretap site to learn what their maple water is all about.  You can click on the links of any of the Job Lot treasures I mention below to find out more about the companies and their products.

First up:  For you coffee lovers!

Cold-Brew High Brew Coffee


I have not been into coffee much lately…but I find myself loving these.

For you caffeine-sensitive people like me, be careful, you will feel these!


  • 3 flavors (at my Job Lot):  Double Espresso, Salted Caramel, Mexican Vanilla
  • Made with Fair-Trade Arabica Beans
  • only 7-8 grams of sugar per bottle
  • Lower acid than traditionally brewed coffee


Eat Your Coffee Bars

I’d never encountered these before and I have somewhat of a bar obsession.                    Pretty tasty and caffeine can come in handy on a bike ride, hike or even during a long day at the office.


  • 3 flavors:  Mocha Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Coconut Mocha
  • Infused with a cup of real coffee, no synthetic caffeine
  • Organic, vegan and gluten-free


To fulfill your requirement for my favorite food group:  Chocolate!

Lindt Dark 85% and 90% Chocolate Bars


I got the 85% for eating and the 90% for a flourless chocolate torte recipe.  They also have a 70% if you like to go a little sweeter.  And they also have these amazing truffle balls if you really want something sweet and yummy.




TAZA Chocolate:  Spiced Eggnog


Clearly an overstock item from Christmas, but does that really matter?

TAZA makes stone-ground chocolate that is “bold, rustic and satisfyingly gritty–unlike any other chocolate you’ve tasted.”



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Self-Care, Not Self-Control

I was plagued with a lack of inspiration trying to figure out what to write for February.        I like to think I’m not the only one feeling a little “ick” with the cold and the grayness.  Summer seems a distant memory and spring not quite around the corner just yet.              So I wondered…. How can I help people more?  What could we all use right now to feel better about ourselves and life?  I began thinking of my clients as a whole and what common threads I’ve noticed lately when I realized the little reminder I wanted to send out:

Practice Self-Care, Not Self-Control.

I’m seeing a lot of you being way too hard on yourselves.

People want to change themselves for the better, which is fine.  I think striving for self-improvement can be healthy.  But there’s a big difference between doing positive things to be a better version of yourself (self-care) and fighting yourself by engaging in behaviors like denying your appetite, eating foods that don’t satisfy you or forcing yourself to exercise in ways you don’t enjoy (self-control).

There is a lot of self-loathing going on and not enough self-acceptance.

And so I was thinking about this self-control vs self-care mentality among my clients and there is an unmistakable correlation between the type of mindset someone has and their progress with making healthy behavior changes.  Did you hear that?  If you want to see breakthroughs in your journey then take a look at the mindset you’ve created.  It could be getting in your way.

Are you caring for yourself or are you trying to control yourself?

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You CAN Set Yourself up for Healthier Eating: Are You?

How are you doing with making the kinds of food choices you want to be making?              It can be hard!  Good intentions are a fine start, but making it happen is what counts.

We are surrounded by the convenience and overabundance of highly processed foods.  This makes it all too simple to reach for them instead of what we know will make us feel and function better.

But you can change this with a little planning.   There are strategic ways to adjust your food environment so that choosing nutritious foods comes more naturally.

If you want to be eating healthier but are wondering why it’s not happening, ask yourself this question:   Are you setting yourself up for failure or success?

Start thinking:  I “CAN” do it!


Check out this study from Cornell that analyzed healthy eating behaviors.

The healthiest eaters were those who were most likely exposed to foods like fruits and vegetables that were “visible and easy to reach (convenient), enticingly displayed (attractive), and appear like an obvious choice (normal).”

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