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The Lifestyle Cafe

  I had a really nice lunch with a couple of my Dietitian friends Friday.   🙂   It’s always so good to catch up.  Topics of conversation ranged from an upcoming wedding, a soon-to-be new baby, an office move and … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been Getting Local Food This Summer

Hello and Happy August– and at the risk of sounding like everyone else….                         How is it August already??  I don’t want the end of summer in my sight just yet! I hope you’ve all been eating well … Continue reading

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Cool Down with an Iced Matcha Almond Milk Latte

  Iced Matcha Almond Milk Latte:  Almond milk, almond milk ice cubes, matcha green tea powder and maple syrup…..just blend and enjoy!         Happy Memorial Day weekend! It sure got HOT fast today.  After spending too leisurely … Continue reading

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Food Photo Roundup 2: Meals

Being a nutritionist, it may come as no big surprise to you that I find it interesting to see what other people eat.  Not in a judgemental way, but more out of curiosity.   Plus, when I’m feeling like I’m … Continue reading

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2 Stupendous Salad Stops in Stowe

Last weekend I was in Stowe, Vermont for a quick trip and ended up having two amazing salads that inspired me to remind you all that salads do not have to equal boring.  I always check menus for interesting salads.  … Continue reading

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Quick Summer Salad Idea: Greens, Seafood and Avocado

Garden greens, sardines, guacamole and sriracha sauce– delicious! With this hot summer weather I suspect you are craving more cold meals and maybe (hopefully!) more salads as well!  Yes, salads sure CAN be the meal.  And a very satisfying meal … Continue reading

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Rhode Island’s June and July Produce

Fresh from my garden! We got some, the squirrel got some.       As summer merrily rolls along, the excuses to not eat more fresh fruits and vegetables quickly lose their validity.  No more complaining of the produce tasting … Continue reading

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Fun at the Library: A New Book and An Inspiring Talk

Food and laughing.  Two of my very favorite things in life.  If you share similar interests I have a book you need to read.  I had never heard of Jim Gaffigan but he’s my new favorite comedian.  Imagine Jerry Seinfeld … Continue reading

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5 Quick Meal Ideas: Think Vegetables + Protein

The reason I am writing this post is because I repeatedly hear from patients that they don’t know what to eat for dinner.   I’d suggest starting out by incorporating one or two ideas that sound good to you.  Over time … Continue reading

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Cranberry-Walnut-Date Arugula Salad Drizzled with Chocolate Vinegar

Sounds weird but tastes incredible and is full of disease-fighting phytochemicals, fiber and essential fatty acids. Sometimes these strange food ideas just pop into my head.  I’m always thinking ahead about what my next meal or two will be. This … Continue reading

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