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5 Quick Meal Ideas: Think Vegetables + Protein

The reason I am writing this post is because I repeatedly hear from patients that they don’t know what to eat for dinner.   I’d suggest starting out by incorporating one or two ideas that sound good to you.  Over time … Continue reading

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Cranberry-Walnut-Date Arugula Salad Drizzled with Chocolate Vinegar

Sounds weird but tastes incredible and is full of disease-fighting phytochemicals, fiber and essential fatty acids. Sometimes these strange food ideas just pop into my head.  I’m always thinking ahead about what my next meal or two will be. This … Continue reading

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Have You Been to Your Local Farmers Market Lately?

Take a look at what I got from today’s Farmers Market:   Have you found one in your town?  They’re not just on the weekends.  Every day of the week there is someplace, somewhere in RI where you can buy … Continue reading

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What Message Is Your Weight Trying to Tell You? (Plus a Spring Garden Update)

Just yesterday I was inspired by a post I read by Marc from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating called A New Way to Lose Weight:  Listen to It.  I find the concept quite interesting and wanted to share … Continue reading

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Baby Spinach and Kiwi Salad with Strawberry-Lime Balsamic Dressing

  My garden is not exactly something that has been on my mind the past few months.  However, once the calendar changed over from February into March and the sun enticed me out into my backyard, thoughts of seeds, seedlings … Continue reading

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Weird Meal Wednesday: Salad with Healthy Protein and Healthy Fat

Somehow the title “Leftover Fish, Avocado, Tahini and Teff Salad” didn’t sound too appealing.  But that is what it is.  Usually my favorite meals come out of a concoction of random leftovers from the fridge.  This lovely lunch consisted of:

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Countdown to the New Year: Day 4 of 6

Good morning! Hopefully you got some fruit yesterday.  So far we have the possibility of creating 3 new healthy habits for the new year:  Food journaling, switching to whole grains and enjoying fresh fruit.  If you’re feeling motivated, continue with … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Things

As passionately as I promote “real” “whole” “actual” foods (you know– oats, apples, butternut squash, walnuts, etc, etc)  and as much as I like Michael Pollan’s advice to not eat anything your great-grandmother would not recognize as food, there are … Continue reading

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Meal Plans: Don’t Over-Think It

One of the common requests I get from patients is:  “I need a meal plan.” I have mixed feelings about these meal plans. Generally, as part of an initial assessment, I will help you come up with some breakfast, lunch, … Continue reading

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Kale Avocado Salad

  This is a knock-off from the kale avocado salad on the Whole Foods salad bar.  It’s a great way to eat raw kale, which we all know is one of the top nutrient-dense foods.  If you’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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