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One-Pot Grilled Vegetables and Salmon Deck Dinner

Ideas, ideas, ideas.  You are always asking for new meal ideas! It’s the weekend and it looks like we are being blessed with some more gorgeous weather.  I recommend getting to a farmers market and cooking outside like I did … Continue reading

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Quick Summer Salad Idea: Greens, Seafood and Avocado

Garden greens, sardines, guacamole and sriracha sauce– delicious! With this hot summer weather I suspect you are craving more cold meals and maybe (hopefully!) more salads as well!  Yes, salads sure CAN be the meal.  And a very satisfying meal … Continue reading

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Rhode Island’s June and July Produce

Fresh from my garden! We got some, the squirrel got some.       As summer merrily rolls along, the excuses to not eat more fresh fruits and vegetables quickly lose their validity.  No more complaining of the produce tasting … Continue reading

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What Message Is Your Weight Trying to Tell You? (Plus a Spring Garden Update)

Just yesterday I was inspired by a post I read by Marc from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating called A New Way to Lose Weight:  Listen to It.  I find the concept quite interesting and wanted to share … Continue reading

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Countdown to the New Year: Day 4 of 6

Good morning! Hopefully you got some fruit yesterday.  So far we have the possibility of creating 3 new healthy habits for the new year:  Food journaling, switching to whole grains and enjoying fresh fruit.  If you’re feeling motivated, continue with … Continue reading

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Kale Avocado Salad

  This is a knock-off from the kale avocado salad on the Whole Foods salad bar.  It’s a great way to eat raw kale, which we all know is one of the top nutrient-dense foods.  If you’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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PB&J Kale Chips

I’ve made peanut-butter and jelly collard green wraps before and I actually really liked the combo of the creamy peanut butter, sweet jelly, and crunchy collard leaf so I thought…why not coat some kale and bake it?  Yum!  The results= … Continue reading

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The Dirty Dozen

Have you heard of the dirty dozen?   It is a list of the twelve produce items that contain the highest levels of pesticides.  Ideally we would buy all organic, locally grown food, right?  However, it is not always available so … Continue reading

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Got Kale?

Look at all that nutrition! Hopefully yours looks a little less wilted than this.  Mine is from a local farm….from Friday.  Sad; I don’t usually wait four days to eat my kale.  We all go through phases when we don’t … Continue reading

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Kale Chips

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense food you can eat.  Maybe you’ve had it in salads, sauteed it, or even nibbled on it raw.  Have you ever snacked on it like a potato chip??  Get ready to try this … Continue reading

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