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Product Review: Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts! I wasn’t exactly sure what they were at first either. They aren’t nuts and they don’t have anything to do with wild cats.   Sorry Tigger! Tiger nuts are tubers (root veggies) and they are a fabulous source of  … Continue reading

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Artificial Sweeteners and Your Appetite

This post is for you if you regularly consume artificially sweetened foods and beverages! For many of you this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas means major anxiety about staying on track with your health goals.  It often brings up fears … Continue reading

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Nutrition with a Twist of Psychology

                I have always been fascinated with human behavior and why we do the things we do.  In fact, before pursuing my degree in Nutrition, I originally graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. … Continue reading

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35 Pounds Lighter One Year Later

One of my clients, Mike Messier, shares his testimonial about his experience at Be the Change Nutrition after recently reaching our one year anniversary of working together! In Mike’s words: Corinne’s Be the Change Nutrition is saving my life and … Continue reading

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Your One Wild and Precious Life

I have a question I often ask my clients that I believe is worth taking some time to reflect on… What about your life would be different if you lost the weight? I see so many people who have focused … Continue reading

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