Molasses-Ginger-Pecan Granola Bars (no-bake, vegan)

A new version of my standard granola bar recipe!


Do you ever forget about a food you used to love?  I do.  This time it was molasses.  The last time I ran out I never replaced my bottle and as the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true, it hasn’t been in my cupboard and I haven’t been enjoying molasses for many months.

So I bought some.

If you think molasses is nothing but pure sugar think again.  Molasses is actually a nutrient-rich food that is a by-product of the refining of white sugar.  It’s the good stuff taken from sugarcane so that the white granules with zero nutritional value can be added to just about everything in our food supply!  Makes a lot of sense, right?  Noooo, of course it doesn’t.  Look for blackstrap molasses which is the result of the final processing of sugarcane and is the thickest and most nutrient-dense type of molasses.

According to the nutritional fact panel on my bottle from Wholesome Sweeteners, one tablespoon has 15% of your daily iron needs, 20% of your daily potassium and 10% of your daily calcium.  Not too shabby.

Anybody out there with low iron levels?  Try adding a spoonful of blackstrap molasses to your oatmeal in the morning.  Or whip up a batch of these sweet, yummy granola bars…









Molasses-Ginger-Pecan Granola Bars

1.  Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl:

  •       2 cups rolled oats
  •       1 cup pecans
  •       1/2 cup raw buckwheat groats (can sub ground flax, extra rolled oats, etc)
  •       1/2 cup raisins
  •       Ground dried ginger (1-2 teaspoons or to taste)
  •       Dash of sea salt (optional)

2.  Stir wet ingredients over low heat in a saucepan until combined:

  •       1/2 cup peanut butter
  •       1/2 cup blackstrap molasses and maple syrup (total, not of each.  Fill 1/2 cup measure 3/4 full of molasses and 1/4 maple syrup– or use 1/4 cup of each, but I was going for a strong molasses flavor!)
  •      1/3 cup coconut butter (soften first by placing jar in a bowl of hot water or microwave)

3.  Pour wet ingredients into bowl of dry ingredients and mix until well incorporated.  Spoon mixture into 8”X8” pan and press down evenly and hard with the back of a spatula.  Or just use your fingers- wetting fingertips helps to lessen the mixture from sticking to you.  Be sure to press down well so that they will stick together once chilled.  Place in fridge to set and cut into bars when cool.

This recipe will make 9 bars.


Did you know that in 1919 there was a Molasses Flood in Boston?!  A huge storage tank burst sending molasses flooding the streets at 35 mph.  Buildings were demolished, 21 people (and many horses) were killed and 150 people were injured.


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  1. Dtya York says:

    I made these yesterday and my entire family adored them…I grew up in a family using a lot of Molasses for baking…In the past year, I have had little time for baking and missed it terribly…I searched the web to find a fun new recipe using Molasses to try instead of relying on my ole favorite Shoo Fly Pie…On Pinterest I found your recipe in a Molasses search…I Pinned the recipe and then tried linking to your site from that pin…Unfortunately Pinterest gave me a “warning” tab saying your site “looks suspicious like spam” and asked me whether I wanted to back out or proceed…Whenever I get these Pinterest warnings I immediately “back out” and return to my previous search page…THIS time, after seeing this recipes picture and beginning to drool, I through interest safety to the winds and proceeded to your site…No issues and I am extremely glad I found your recipe…I intend to come back to your site for more delicious and healthy recipes…Thank you for feeding my Molasses craving with such a healthy and yummy recipe…Bless you…And Hugzzz, Dtya

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