Red, White, and Blue Quinoa-Berry Salad


Ahh, summer picnics and barbecues.  You know they are here and many more are coming.  One piece of advice we dietitians often offer to people who are trying to stick to a healthy eating plan is to bring a “safety dish” when invited to a get together where you know you might have trouble finding nutritious food.  It’s all too common to find things like soda, potato chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, and desserts that are made from refined flour, sugar, and oil.  It’s really unfortunate!  Don’t stress out about blowing your diet because you are eating at somebody else’s house.  All you have to do is bring something to share that you know is made with wholesome, healthy ingredients.  Give yourself a big serving of that and then you decide what other foods you want to eat.  At least you will know that you won’t be hungry and if you do choose to eat some of the other less healthy foods, most likely you won’t eat as much of them as you normally would if you hadn’t brought your own dish.

And now I present to you a perfect example of a “safety dish” for the Fourth of July…

I am going to refer you over to Angela’s recipe at Oh She Glows because that is where I got the idea.  You can make this in minimal time with very little fuss and it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  In addition to bursting with flavor–it’s also bursting with nutrients!

I wish everybody a very happy and healthy Fourth of July!

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